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Sidney B. Haskell

Oval-shaped cut-out portrait of Sidney B. Haskell, attached to a sturdy cardboard square. B. S., Instructor in Agriculture. Born 1881. Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1904. Assistant Agriculturist, Hatch Experiment Station, June, 1904 to July 1906. Instructor in Agriculture since September, 1905. In 1906 he took a one-year leave of absence to study at the University... more

University Photograph Collection

1930 Sept. 1

Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Kenyon L. Butterfield

Portrait of a Cabinet Reunion which took place on Sept. 1, 1930. Seated in a room around a white tablecloth-covered table are the following people: MacKimmie, Gordon, Kenney, Fernald, Lindsey, Waugh, Machmer, Butterfield, Thatcher, Brooks, Munson, Sievers, Haskell, Willard, Rice, and Hawley. Kenyon L. Butterfield served as President of Massachusetts Agricultural College... more

University Photograph Collection