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1918 Jan. 22

Taylor, Brainerd, 1877-1955

Letter from Brainerd Taylor to James B. Taylor

France - Brent writes about his strong opinions of the dangers posed at home by pacifists, cowards, and traitors. He cites Russia as an example of the effectiveness of German propaganda and the spirit of the I.W.W. as a weakness in the American West. He writes that he counts a Dutch pacifist named "Musti" [A. J. Muste] as a dangerous enemy of the U.S. and tells his father not to... more

Brainerd Taylor Family Papers

2015 July 17

Tuttle, Jonathan

Jonathan Tuttle oral history with Robert S. Cox

Shutesbury (Mass.) - Conversation with Jonathan Tuttle; former steward and President (in the 1980s) of AFSCME at UMass and worker in the AFSCME office in Boston. Tuttle was the son of a UMass faculty member, and was instrumental in getting strong affirmative action language into the AFSCME 1776 contract in the late 1970s. Grew up on UMass campus; went to school here and was politically act... more

UMass Amherst Oral History Collection