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Browning, Eugene

Business card of Dr. Eugene S. Browning

Grand Rapids (Mich.) - Business card, describing the doctor's specializations in "skin, scalp and allied diseases; x-ray; radium therapy" and providing relevant contact information.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers


Simon, Peter, 1947-

Camp Arcadia: lunch in a tent

North Belgrade (Me.) - From a series of images taken at Camp Arcadia.

Peter Simon Collection

2010 May 27

DeBarros High School story Gigi DeBarros (center) at lunch with friends Brigid Fonseca (left) and Sarah Estrela

Pawtucket (R.I.) - From a series of images culled by Borchers for a slideshow of her work. Camera caption: "Gigi, center, shares a laugh with her friends Brigid (cq) Fonseca, left, and Sarah Estrela, right, during lunch in January. Giovanna (Gigi) DeBarros is an 8th-grader at Samuel Slater Junior High in Pawtucket. She has five sisters, is a good student and a cheerleader. 8th grade."

Kathy Borchers Photojournalism Collection

1992 May 14

McCormack, Mark H.

Fax from Mark H. McCormack to Fumiko Matsuki

McCormack writes Fumiko Matsuki concerning arrangements for lunch and dinner plans when he visits Japan.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1971 July 12

Bartels, Elmer C.

Letter from Elmer C. Bartels to Walter Kelliher

Bedford (Mass.) - Reconfirming a luncheon appointment which will also be attended by George Bridgeman of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and Paul Fishman, an Adaptive Housing specialist from New England Medical Center. They will discuss "the latest housing possibility raised by the BRA and discuss the legal issues which must be dealt with in such an arrangement."

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1994 Aug. 11

Roggenburk, Laurie

Letter from Laurie Roggenburk to Peter A. Kuhn and Robert D. Kain

Providing a list of people for the first corporate lunch. The lunch will be held every fourth Friday of the month. She would like advice for who to invite for future guests.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1981 Apr. 27

McCormack, Mark H.

Letter from Mark H. McCormack to Andre J. Heiniger

McCormack infroms Andre J. Heiniger of arrangements he has made with the All England Tennis Club for seats in the Royal Box on finals day for Heiniger and Mrs. Heiniger, and the von Gessels. He explains that Wimbledon has suggested that Heiniger, Herman, and any other appropriate people meet at the All England Club for lunch on Wednesday, July 8, which luncheon might be followed by a business meeting.... more

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1988 May 3

McCormack, Mark H.

Letter from Mark H. McCormack to Carlton B. Schnell

McCormack informs Carlton B. Schnell that due to his travel plans, it will be hard to accomodate the time frame they are forced to address this year. He explains that this might mean they are going to have to skip a year of their traditional luncheon.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1993 May 11

McCormack, Mark H.

Letter from Mark H. McCormack to Christian Bimes

Saying he enjoyed their luncheon and he looks forward to seeing him during the French open championships.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1968 Aug. 10

McCormack, Mark H.

Letter from Mark H. McCormack to F. L. Tyler

McCormack responds to Watt Tyler's letter of August 2, 1968 and is informing Tyler that it is going to be difficult to arrange the October luncheon for Gary. He elaborates on this, explaining that Gary will be busy with arrival times, practice times, dinner with the Safmarine Company of South Africa, the Annual Contestants' Dinner, and the tournament. He notes that following the tournament, Gary will ... more

Mark H. McCormack Papers