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1974 July

Henry, Diana Mara

A zithar

Zurich (Switzerland) - A zithar examined in the open-air market.

Diana Mara Henry Papers


Redenius, Carolyn H. W.

World trade and communications as crucial links in the development chain General view of an outdoor market in the village of Ebougsi

Ebougsi (Cameroon) - If the poorer countries of the world are to earn the money they need to improve the lives of their people significantly, they must find markets not just for their raw materials but for manufactured goods as well. Adequate systems of transport and communications are therefore vital, not just for the movement of goods but also of people. Tourism has in fact become a key f... more

Africa America Institute Records


Lynn, Nicholas

New open markets

Yaounde (Cameroon) - Credit Nicholas Lynn -- Photo Trends.

Africa America Institute Records


Towle, Gifford H.

Food being sold in an open air market

Vadala (India) - Baskets of peppers, spices, and other foods laid out in an open-air market.

Gifford H. and Marjorie B. Towle Papers

1974 July

Henry, Diana Mara

Women examining cow bells

Zurich (Switzerland) - Two women examining cow-bells in the open-air market.

Diana Mara Henry Papers

1974 July

Henry, Diana Mara

Weighing currants

Zurich (Switzerland) - Weighing currants in an open-air market.

Diana Mara Henry Papers


Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943

Village plaza, Columbia

Colombia - Hand-colored image of crowded South American market plaza.

Frank A. Waugh Papers

1954 Apr. 6 –

Halpern, Joel Martin

Letter from Joel M. Halpern to Nettie and Carl Halpern

Serbia - Begins with notes from the village on the Nedic family. It then continues with personal notes on packages received, travel plans and the market before continuing with the Nedic family. The letter goes on to explain the consumer goods that are made and available lcoally and then focuses on a register of the population of Orasac. The letter ends with some notes on a lunch they had with the ... more

Joel M. Halpern Papers


Henry, Diana Mara

Toy guns in market in France

France - People at an outdoor market walking by a bundle of toy guns hanging at a booth.

Diana Mara Henry Papers

1978 June

Goldfarb, Theodore D., 1935-

Stall in a market selling sauces and other dried goods

China - From a series of images of the second Science for the People trip to China; scans made from originals retained by the photographer.

Science for the People Collection