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1956 Nov. 9

Sharq?w?, ?Abd al-Ra?m?n, 1920-1987

Telegram from ?Abd al-Ra?m?n Sharq?w? to W. E. B. Du Bois

Vienna (Austria) - Describing the precarious and unstable conditions in the Middle East and counteractive efforts to quell same and prevent an outbreak of a third world war.

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1948 July 12

American Christian Palestine Committee

Letter from American Christian Palestine Committee to Hugh H. Smythe

New York (N.Y.) - Signed Bryn J. Hovde; relaying the results of the "Greater New York Educators' Seminar on the Palestine Problem," noting the assembly's six-point resolution for diplomacy and peace in the Middle East, and seeking his support of like initiatives.

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1954 May 18

Council on African Affairs

Spotlight on Africa

New York (N.Y.) - Contains the following three articles: "End of Britain's Dirty War in Kenya Urged," Conference Pledges Aid to Kenya Africans, and "Haile Selassie's Visit Linked with U.S. Aims in Middle East;" reviews concerns in South Africa.

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1957 Aug.

World News (London, England)

World News, number 30 clipping

London (England) - Pages 467-470 and 477-478 of the paper's 30th issue, featuring pieces on a new steel plant in Newport, Wales; democracy in British Guiana; an uprising in Oman; and "Beakers, boats and balloons" in Olympia.

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1957 Mar. 11

I. F. Stone's weekly

I. F. Stone's Weekly, volume v, number 10

Washington (D.C.) - Featuring a piece on the crisis in the Middle East, victims of racist terror, the Paul Sweezy case in New Hampshire, and the "Horatio Alger era" of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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