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1967 Nov. 13

McCormack, Mark H.

Letter from Mark H. McCormack to Noel Morris

Concerning dates of golf tournaments such as the Canada Cup, the Sahara Invitational, the Australian Open Championship, and the Dunlop International. McCormack asks Morris to reconsider his request to have all three players visit him during 1968, as McCormack feels that its more advantageous to stagger their appearances. McCormack goes over the tournament appearance fee for the pla... more

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1976 Dec. 13

Pirnie, Doug

Memorandum from Doug Pirnie to Richard E. Moore

Doug Pirnie provides Richard E. Moore with his report on the meeting they had with John Cromerty during which they tested his golf swing analyzer. Pirnie includes details about the product and indicates that Cromerty would like to sell the device soon. Pirnie suggests they take a close look at the device with the idea of possibly tying in Arnold Palmer or Gary Player, and/or purchasing it outright.

Mark H. McCormack Papers