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1979 Aug.

Win Peace & freedom thru nonviolent action vol. 15 no. 27 & 28 Madness, mental helath and the movement

New York (N.Y.) - Political magazine published with support of the War Resisters League. Issue dedicated to activist, ex-mental patient and Project Release member, Larry Friedman. Focusing on the mental illness industry as a "manufacturer of madness in response to emotional deterioration within the class system". Analyzing the ways in which psychiatry "reinforces class, sex and race bounds" and blames the individual fo... more

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Workshop on psychiatric issues Chelsea women's health team

Outline of presentation or discussion on the effects and political implications on women of long-term psychiatric confinement.

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Women's week Women and madness in 1978

Advertising an event sponsored by the Women's Center Collective.

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An appeal for an independent anti-psychiatry movement

Petitioning attendees of the International Conferences for Human Rights and Against Psychiatric Oppression to reject co-optation of the anti-psychiatry movement by the APA, NIMH, NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill), etc. Lamenting a decrease in radical politics, the unrepresentative appointment of spokespeople and the establishment of an apolitical national organization. Calling for a re-aff... more

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1975 May 19

Williams, Susan, 1950-

Women's psychology Mental illness as a social disease

Seattle (Wash.) - Against the use of psychiatry to justify the economic and political subjugation of women by pathologizing deviant behavior such as lesbianism, career ambition or resentment of oppression. On the domestication of women in service of the capitalist hetero-patriarchy. Calling for a shift away from self-help, womens' groups and feminist therapy towards the collective socialist struggle.

Cynthia Miller Papers