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Committee for a United Guild

Three Guildsmen from Detroit tell why they will vote for Sullivan

New York (N.Y.) - Support for candidacy of Donal Sullivan as ANG president.

Charles L. Whipple Papers

1941 Jan. 2

Biddison, John J.

Letter from John J. Biddison to Charles L. Whipple

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Does not believe Whipple is a red, nor Donal Sullivan: "Who ever heard of a red with the name of Sullivan, or for that matter of a red in Boston, where they speak to God either through the priest or directly, after the Cabot order?"

Charles L. Whipple Papers

1941 Mar.

Whipple, Charles L.

Photograph of Don Sullivan leaning back in a chair, reading

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Nearly full-length image of a relaxed Sullivan, wearing a fedora, and seated in what appears to be a news room.

Charles L. Whipple Papers