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1989 May 15

Delaney, Louise

Fax from Louise Delaney to Peter Smith

McCormack asked Delaney to forward the fax sent to him by Tony Gadsby Peet about the NHL and European licensing.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1984 Aug. 24

Erskine, James

Fax from James Erskine to Mark H. McCormack

Australia - Erskine outlines Channel 10's offer for Liptons Tennis.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1987 June 15

Fujita, Atsushi

Fax from Atsushi Fujita to Mark H. McCormack

Japan - Concerning the broadcast of the 1987 U.S. Open Tennis.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1992 Mar. 30

Howard, Chuck, 1933-1996

Fax from Chuck Howard to Mark H. McCormack

Howard writes a follow up to the group discussion about the possibility of Trans World International becoming the host broadcaster for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews at the British Open.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1987 Dec. 17

Lane, Michelle

Fax from Michelle Lane to Laurie Roggenburk

Forwarding a message for Mr. McCormack concerning John Daily and the Masters.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1990 Nov. 8

Mayfield, Gretchen

Fax from Gretchen Mayfield to Sarah Wooldridge

Japan - Concerning sending the attached letter for Ian Edwards to John Curry and Barry Weatherhill.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1982 Apr. 7

McCormack, Mark H.

Fax from Mark H. McCormack to Tokyo office

Concerning Mamiya's request to telecast three programs instead of two for Wimbledon, and the three-minute highlights of previous tournaments.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1986 Nov. 10

McCormack, Mark H.

Fax from Mark H. McCormack to Shigeki Uji

Japan - Concerning negotiations with Wimbledon and NHK about price, airing of Wimbledon minutes and film, wider coverage of Wimbledon, exposure of the Wimbledon logo, and the ability to do doubles events elsewhere.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1983 Apr. 28

McCormack, Mark H.

Memorandum from Mark H. McCormack to Uji

Concerning ANB, TBS and the Australian Open television rights.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1984 Dec. 14

McCormack, Mark H.

Fax from Mark H. McCormack to Eric Drossart

Australia - Concerning IMG renting out a table in their tent at the Roland Garros for Channel Nine.

Mark H. McCormack Papers