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1919 May 3

Jackson, Charles E.

Letter from Charles E. Jackson to sister

St. Aignan des Noyers (France) - About 17,000 soldiers in camp, most going home on special orders or on discharge. Some are staying in France to set up businesses or marry French girls. "You would be surprised to see the number of American soldiers that marry here. I have seen several weddings take place... some very pretty girls here, but it would take more than that piece of paper so called discharge for me to m... more

Charles E. Jackson Papers


Letter from Charles E. Jackson to sister (incomplete)

France - Surprised to hear of Ed Costello and Mr. Lynch's death. Wonders about Peggy the dog: had a dream she jumped on his back. Hears people think that men left in France are those suffering from venereal disease, "But you can tell any person making such statements that there is not quite as many fools over here as they might think. Believe me I would love to hear some person ... more

Charles E. Jackson Papers