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1918 Oct. 12

Brann, Clinton T., 1891-1961

Letter from Clinton T. Brann to Rhea Oppenheimer

France - Clint replies to Rhea's question by telling her that he is no longer engaged and she should soon receive some letters from him with more of his thoughts. The direction of their relationship will be discussed when he returns home, but he urges her not to feel obligated to wait for him, although he loves her and will not fall in love with anyone else in the meantime. When he spoke about her to Llyod, he... more

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1918 May 30

Newth, Frank F. (Frank Forrest), 1895-1979

Letter from Frank F. Newth to Letitia Crane

France - Nick can imagine the Memorial Day back home in Lynn, but there are no holidays for him. They are hoping to have Sunday off since the Canadians are having a field day, and they will be putting together a baseball team. He asks Letty to tell Bill what to bring when he goes to France including russet shoes, since the army is not issuing them anymore, and blankets. Before Nick came to this of... more

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1918 Oct. 24

American Red Cross Hospital and Home Service

Letter from American Red Cross Hospital and Home Service to Lloyd E. Walsh

Paris (France) - Addresses inquiry made by Lloyd E. Walsh concerning a French soldier who may have been captured by Germans during a French attack at Lassigny.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1920 Feb. 25

Commander of Beauvoir

Letter from Commander of Beauvoir to Lloyd E. Walsh

Paris (France) - Notifies Lloyd E. Walsh of French government awarding Walsh the Medal of French Gratitude for service with American Red Cross.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1917 June 5

Suidder, Evarts I.

Letter from Evarts I. Suidder to American Field Service Paris headquarters

New York (N.Y.) - Describes assignment of Lloyd E. Walsh to American Field Service in Paris.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1918 Nov. 7

Walsh, Lloyd Edward

Letter from Lloyd E. Walsh to Milton R. Brown

France - Describes shipment of truck tires left at American Red Cross Hospital 111 by United States Army.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1919 Feb. 24

Trianon Théatre

Let's Go! : play program

Tours (France) - Program for play put on by members of the United States Army Ambulance Service in honor of the relationship between the Ambulance Service and the French Army.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers


Mourier, Louis

Letter from Louis Mourier to Lloyd E. Walsh

France - Notifies Lloyd E. Walsh of receiving the Commemorative Medal of Volunteer Service from the French Ministry of War for his service with the American Field Service ambulances. Copy of letter contains hand-written notes, possibly by Walsh, on reverse.

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1918 Nov. 25

Taylor, Brainerd, 1877-1955

Letter from Brainerd Taylor to James B. Taylor

Langres (France) - It has been one year since Brent left his family behind to go overseas and he reflects on their parting and updates James on where other family members in the service are now. He returned from a trip on horseback between the forest of Argonne and Verdun, which is a landscape he can hardly describe but he wishes his father could have seen it. There isn't a patch of ground that hasn't been torn up by sh... more

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1918 Dec. 10

Taylor, Brainerd, 1877-1955

Letter from Brainerd Taylor to James B. Taylor

Koblenz (Germany) - On an order from General Pershing's headquarters, Brent has been tasked with going into Germany ahead of the main army to scout for suitable areas to establish operations for the Motor Transport Corps. He describes in detail his journey through Alsace and Luxembourg to the city of Coblenz. The German civilians are glad to see the Americans and the soldiers cooperate but are arrogant. He describes meet... more

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