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1993 Apr. 3

Massachusetts. Department of Mental Health

Legislative committee report

Montague (Mass.) - Report on the experience of the OCER Council at a hearing to make the Council permanent.

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Burlington Peace Coalition

Peace and justice center

Burlington (Vt.) - Informational booklet about a resource center for the Burlington community.

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1993 Apr. 15

Massachusetts. Department of Mental Health

Meeting of DMH OCER council

Boston (Mass.) - Schedule of events for a Department of Mental Health meeting.

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1988 June 3

Alternatives Conference

Alternatives '88 information

Concerning information and logistics for the upcoming Alternatives '88 Conference.

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University of Utah

TV interview shows News & information services

Compiling names, descriptions, and contact information for television programs in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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1985 May 10

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute

Resource list

Berkeley (Calif.) - Lists of legal definitions and rulings related to human rights cases.

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1975 Sept. 9

Center Club of Boston Council

Circular letter from Center Club of Boston

Boston (Mass.) - Addressed "Dear Friend"; contains news about the Club, including information on a recent Council meeting, the annual open house, discussion of the camp program for the summer, and the Council sending four people to the Region IV Conference on Social Clubs.

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1988 Jan. 5

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Letter from Judi Chamberlin to Bert Pepper

Somerville (Mass.) - Regarding a conference about the Information Exchange national conference and the National Alliance of Mental Patients being mistakenly listed as a co-sponsor. Chamberlin, on behalf of NAMP, requests an apology letter to NAMP, a retraction of the statement that the group is a co-sponsor, and a correction to any literature that contains this error.

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Livingston, Christine

Card from Christine Livingston to Judi Chamberlin

Card thanking Judi for her expression of sympathy signed by Christine Livingston.

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People not psychiatry

London (England) - Informational poster about the PNP self-help network.

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