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1991 Sept.

AIDS Community Group of Franklin County

Files index

Greenfield (Mass.) - List of collected topic files and internal information on resources, other organizations, and networking.

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1994 Oct.

Western Massachusetts local aids resources

List of agencies and the types of services they provide for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS with contact information.

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Update Spring

Northampton (Mass.) - Contains news, personal stories, resources, and information on services from the Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts. This issue includes an article on coping with breast cancer, the FPC's statewide contract for a Statewide HIV Counseling and Testing Hotline funded by the state Department of Public Health, information on health care reform, and community events to benefit FPC.

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Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts

Client satisfaction survey

Northampton (Mass.) - Soliciting consumer evaluation of clinic services offered by the Family Planning Council.

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Family planning council of western Massachusetts provider profile

Questions answered about the mission statement and services provided by the FPCWM.

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1996 May 22

Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts

Client information sheets

Northampton (Mass.) - Describing the process of a medical session at the Family Planning Council. Including information on counseling, confidentiality, routine tests, physical exams, post counseling, test results and sliding scale fees for services. Additional sheets detail general information for men and information on AIDS and the spread of HIV.

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AIDS resources in Vermont communities

Vermont - Providing information on the eight AIDS Service Organizations in Vermont with contact information for each. There is also information on the Vermont People with AIDS Coalition and the Vermont AIDS Council.

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Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts

A brief overview of the FPCWM AIDS programs

Northampton (Mass.) - Advertising resources, services, and programs sponsored by the Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts including HIV education, a counseling and testing hotline, AIDS Allies, the Law Consortium of Western Mass, AIDS Services of Franklin County, CTSS, the HIV Risk Reduction Education program, and Between Family & Friends: The Western Massachusetts Living Center.

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1996 Dec. 22

How to contact western Massachusetts legislators

Massachusetts - Contains a list of Western Massachusetts legislators in the United States House and Senate and the state House and Senate and contact information for each.

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Franklin County - North Quabbin AIDS Consortium

Mailing list for AIDS consortium information

Franklin County (Mass.) - Listing names, contact information for members of the AIDS Consortium and their affiliates.

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