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1996 Dec. 22

How to contact western Massachusetts legislators

Massachusetts - Contains a list of Western Massachusetts legislators in the United States House and Senate and the state House and Senate and contact information for each.

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Map of Germany and advertisements

Heidelberg (Germany) - Color map of the area with advertisements for hotels. The other side of the page has further advertisements and information on the University of Heidelberg in German and English.

Clarke School for the Deaf Records


Piccadilly hotel booklet

London (England) - Contains information about the hotel, a small map of the area, the services offered by the hotel, as well as information on safeguarding valuables, traveller's cheques, and departure.

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Room number card for Royal Avenue Hotel

Belfast (Northern Ireland) - Card with the Pratts room number and information on the meal service times and a map of the area.

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Franklin County - North Quabbin AIDS Consortium

Mailing list for AIDS consortium information

Franklin County (Mass.) - Listing names, contact information for members of the AIDS Consortium and their affiliates.

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Burnes, Elizabeth Hambro

Letter from unidentified sender to Elizabeth Hambro Burnes

Informing Burnes of her role as event coordinator. Asks to be kept informed of planning progress.

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Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts

Volunteer information

Northampton (Mass.) - Information for general and Breast Health Project volunteers. Including a list of supervisors, a vaccination documentation form, information about the Family Planning Council and expectations of volunteers.

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1972 May 3

Jeffrey, Dorothy A.

Mass council on specialized housing minutes of meeting

Massachusetts - The Easter Seal Society is bringing Tim Nugent from the University of Illinois and he will speak at a joint meeting of the Massachusetts Council on Transportation for the Handicapped and Elderly and the Massachusetts Council on Specialized Housing. The council wants to work on problem solving and suggests cooperation with other councils and groups such as the Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics a... more

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Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts

The Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts 1992 Annual report

Northampton (Mass.) - Reporting on and analyzing the work of the Family Planning Council in 1992. Including a statement of income and expenses, statistics on community participation in programming, and descriptions of new funding resources as well as new challenges to the organization. A section titled, "Facing The New Realities: AIDS and STDs" is circled in pen.

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1990 Oct. 29

Family Planning Council of Western Massachusetts

Artspace to host innovative exhibition 'Illuminating AIDS through art'

Northampton (Mass.) - Describing the planned schedule for an art exhibit opening sponsored by the Family Planning Council and the Arts Council of Franklin County at Artspace in Greenfield. Also describing the three-part public lecture series entitled, "The Subject is AIDS," which will follow the art opening.

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