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1994 Apr. 18

Harkin, Rebecca

Letter from Rebecca Harkin to Judi Chamberlin

Harkin asks Chamberlin to write a review of Denise Russell's book, "Women, Madness and Medicine" for Polity Press.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1975 Oct. 10

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Letter from Judi Chamberlin to NAPA

Bellingham (Wash.) - Chamberlin writes regarding the recent benefit that NAPA hosted in which they played "Hurry Tomorrow," a documentary about forced treatments in a Los Angeles state psychiatric hospital. She was glad to see how successful the benefit was, but criticizes the extra entertainment as being irrelevant to their mission, and makes some suggestions for future events.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Review of 'The Cracker Factory'

Notes for a review of the book "The Cracker Factory" by Joyce Rebeta-Burditt.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1992 May 1

Dendron psychiatric survivors and allies independent media no. 27 - 29 May 1, 1992

Eugene (Or.) - Concerning various topics relating to the ex-mental patient movement, including the protest of the American Psychiatry Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., racism in psychiatry, shock therapy, a history of psychiatric treatment, .

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1975 Nov. 23

Dumont, Matthew P.

The cure that didn't cure: Too Much Anger, Too Many Tears

A review of the book "Too Much Anger, Too Many Tears" by Janet Gotkin.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1976 Nov. 22

Gottlieb, Annie

He claimed he was well, which 'proved' him mad

An article from the Village Voice about Kenneth Donaldson's book, "Insanity Inside Out" and the Supreme Court case which ruled that he had been held unlawfully detained against his will in a mental institution for 15 years.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1977 Apr. 21

Judi Chamberlin invited to White House

United States - A briefly noted section which reports that Judi Chamberlin was invited to the White House for a meeting establishing the President's Commission on Mental Health, and there met the President and First Lady in the East Room.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Dendron news from the mad underground no. 33/34 Fall 1993

Eugene (Or.) - Concerning various topics relating to the ex-mental patient movement, including coverage of an anti-electroshock bill passed in Texas, comics, letters from readers, articles about the Clinton administration, coverage of protests of the A.P.A., and advertisements for books and other media.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1994 Sept. 9

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Fax from Judi Chamberlin to Rebecca Harkin

Chamberlin agrees to allow Polity Press to use her quotes on the book jacket of Denise Russell's book, "Women, Madness and Medicine."

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1977 Apr. 13

Taylor, Maureen

Letter from Maureen Taylor to Judi Chamberlin

United States - Taylor writes that the Boston Herald American will not have space to run Chamberlin's article about her invitation to the White House.

Judi Chamberlin Papers