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1987 Sept. 25

Roggenburk, Laurie

Fax from Laurie Roggenburk to Sarah Wooldridge

Laurie Roggenburk sends Sarah Wooldridge a card done by either Wooldridge or Judy Stott containing McCormack's sizes. She also notes that McCormack would like Wooldridge to give Mamiya a book at the World Match Play and that Mr. Torii does not need to receive a book. Attached is a photocopy of the card containing McCormack's sizes.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1987 Oct. 15

McCormack, Mark H.

Fax from Mark H. McCormack to Fumiko Matsuki

McCormack forwards the notes on Chris Gorringe's visit to the Far East and asks if Matsuki has any comments or corrections.

Mark H. McCormack Papers