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1978 Nov.

Henry Koffler standing with Bette Swados

Chancellor Henry Koffler stands with Mrs. Bette Swados, widow of the late Professor of English Harvey Swados. Behind them is a portrait of her husband. "Swados Dedication, Nov. 1979 - Bette Swados & Chancellor Henry Koffler" handwritten on back.

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Richard E. Kim sitting at a desk with books

Richard E. Kim, Associate Professor of English (1964-1969) and author of the 1964 novel "The Martyred", sits at a desk with pencil and paper. Sitting on the desk are several copies of his novel in various foreign languages. "Richard Kim" handwritten on back. "News Service, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass." stamped on back.

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1935 Sept. 10

Horace T. Aplington, Lieutenant Colonel Cavalry

Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Horace T. Aplington (in uniform), Calvary Professor of Military Science and Head of the Department 1935. Note included that reads, "Lt.-Col. Horace T. Aplington who will leave the R.O.T.C. unit at Massachusetts State College to take up a new post at Los Angeles, Calif. He has been commandant at the college since 1935."

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Presenting award

Frank Rand awards degree to an unidentified student at 1955 commencement, shaking his hand. The ceremony is being held indoors at Curry Hicks. The other three men in the picture are unidentified.

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1973 Nov. 3

Alan Light

Portrait facing the camera and not smiling.

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