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Kenneth B. Clark

Sitting in front of book case, wearing eye glasses with his mouth slightly open. He has on a dark colored sports coat, white shirt and striped neck tie. Typed on the front of image reads: "Christian Science Monitor. Kenneth B. Clark author of "Dark Ghetto," published by Harper and Row." Comm 67 is written in pencil on the back of the photo. Clark was awarded an honor... more

University Photograph Collection


Mary Ann Maher in nurse's uniform and cap

Massachusetts - Informal head and shoulders portrait of Mary Ann Maher (Dean of the School of Nursing), wearing her nursing uniform and cap while in her office. A similiar photograph has "News Service, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass." stamped on back.

University Photograph Collection


Fred Virgil Cahill

Fred Virgil Cahill sitting indoors, behind a desk with his head turned.

University Photograph Collection


Richard Fredrick MacPherson on football field

Candid photographs of Richard Fredrick MacPherson, Instructor in Physical Education 1960; Head Football Coach 1971.

University Photograph Collection


Sheahan, Jack

Robert S. Hopkins

Robert S. Hopkins, Dean of Men, is seen walking in front of the Student Union. He is walking between two students, Robert Passolt from Hickory Lane, Auburn, and Hal D. Sieling from Amherst. (Sieling is also listed in the yearbook for 1959 as being from Stevens St., Dracut). Dean Hopkins is wearing a long plaid tie, and his light colored jacket is buttoned. Both students wear short slee... more

University Photograph Collection


Howard Quint

Howard Quint sitting at his desk with both arms resting in front of him. He's wearing dark rimmed glasses, a tweed jacket with a hounds-tooth pattern, sweater shirt and tie. Numerous things are scattered on the desk. On back: "Communications Office, Broadcasting and Photographic Services, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. Photo Credit University of ... more

University Photograph Collection

1928 June

Samuel Church Hubbard

Portrait of Samuel Church Hubbard wearing a sweater and a striped tie. The photo is signed on the back: "Prof. S.C. Hubbard, Floriculture". Typed text on back: Samuel Church Hubbard; b. July 1, 1890, Cromwell, Conn. With A.N. Pierson, Cromwell, Conn., 1909-15; with F.W. Fletcher, Auburndale, Mass., 1915-1916. In charge of field work and trial grounds, Cornell Univ., 191... more

University Photograph Collection


Dr. Issac Moyer Hunsberger

Standing outdoors with Dr. Elliot and Dr Werner who is holding a document that they are all looking at and smiling.

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Head Football Coach, Walter G. Hargesheimer standing outdoors

Picture of Walter G. Hargesheimer. Typed on back: Walter G. Hargesheimer Head Football Coach Mass. State.

University Photograph Collection