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Carl Raymond Fellers

Formal portrait of Professor Fellers, Food Science Department, 1925-1957.

University Photograph Collection

1971 Mar. 18

Albertson, Jeff

Spiro Agnew speech at the Middlesex Club: Al Capp at the rostrum

Boston, Mass. - From a series of photographs documenting Spiro Agnew's speech to the Middlesex Club, assailing media bias (singling out CBS News). The dinner and speech were held at the Ballroom of the Sheraton Boston Hotel, with attendees including Gov. Francis Sargent, Sen. Leverett Saltonstall, Lloyd Waring, Rep. Francis Hatch, cartoonist Al Capp, and Club President Philip Lowe.

Jeff Albertson Photograph Collection

2009 Dec. 17

Palmieri, Nancy

Sales transaction at the counter, New Salem General Store

New Salem (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "New Salem: dog at door, people walking on road (Globe)."

Nancy Palmieri Collection



Arthur M. Brown in cabin boy's uniform

Yokohama, Japan - Image of Brown in uniform. In 1894, Brown enlisted as a cabin boy aboard the yacht Eleanor during its two-year, round the world cruise. Owned by the textile manufacturer William A. Slater, of Norwich, Conn., The Eleanor arrived in Japan in May 1895.

Yankee Publishing Company Records

2003 May 15

Palmieri, Nancy

Hibbard Farm: worker gathering asparagus in the field

North Hadley (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "America 24/7: Zuchoski and Hibbard Farms."

Nancy Palmieri Collection