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Raffenetti, Mary

Support group for children with parents who have HIV/AIDS

West Springfield (Mass.) - Announcing the time, location, and cost of a support group for children with parents who have HIV/AIDS, including who will lead the group.

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Joel and Paul Kahn on an amusement park train

Revere (Mass.) - Brothers Joel and Paul (third and fourth from front) at Kiddieland.

Paul S. Kahn Papers


HIV/AIDS educational and empowerment group

Back Bay (Boston, Mass.) - Contains a summary of a group designed for people who have tested positive for HIV and are new to dealing with the issues associated with HIV/AIDS with information on the next meeting. There is a blank form to register as a member of the group.

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Sharon Kahn surrounded by empty chairs

Sharon, sitting on wooden folding chair, in rows of other chairs.

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D'Arlene Studios at the Waldorf-Astoria

Three people pose for camera

New York (N.Y.) - Two men in suits and an older woman pose for the camera.

International Center for the Disabled Records


Ducks at Jamaica Pond

Jamaica Plain (Boston, Mass.) - Reverse reads, "Duck Parade / Jamaica Pond."

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AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

The State of AIDS in Massachusetts

Boston (Mass.) - Provides statistics and graph representations of the cases of AIDS among different demographics in Massachusetts from the 1985 to 1993. The pamphlet calls for an increase needed in state funding for AIDS education from the Department of Public Health and assistance for people living with HIV and dealing with substance abuse treatment. There are two case studies for rental assistance and HIV,

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AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

The State of AIDS in Massachusetts

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding cases of AIDS in Massachusetts, which has the 10th highest number of AIDS cases in the United States, and how AIDS has become one of the leading causes of death in the country. The majority of recent AIDS cases in Massachusetts in 1995 resulted from injection drug use. There are graphs displaying the growth of AIDS in the state. The document then provides information on budget needs for prev... more

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1993 May 26

McVeigh, Kevin, 1974-2010

Letter from J. Kevin McVeigh to Charles F. Flaherty

Greenfield (Mass.) - McVeigh writes concerning his disappointment that the Massachusetts House failed to follow through on a commitment to provide $5.8 million to the Department of Public Health for AIDS services. McVeigh urges Flaherty to restore the budget and discusses the increase in AIDS in Massachusetts and the importance of the ACT NOW program in providing primary care for the uninsured and funds for housing servic... more

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