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1928 June

Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943

Major N. Butler Briscoe

Formal head and shoulders portrait of Major N. Butler Briscoe in military dress. Major Briscoe was a Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Massachusetts Agricultural College. Typewritten note on back reads: "N. Butler Briscoe, Graduate, West Point, 1909; 2nd Lieutenant, Cavalry, 1909; 1st Lieutenant, Cavalry, 1916; Captain, 1917; Major (temporary), 1918; Lieutena... more

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Marie Reid

Marie Reid, Director of the Office of Planning and Budget 1980; Assistant Chancellor 1981. Marie is dressed in a dark jacket with dark pearls and earrings. Her Blouse is white with ruffles and her hair is cut short.

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Studio portrait of Edwin D. Driver

Amherst (Mass.) - Image of Driver, first African American faculty member hired at UMass Amherst (hired as an Instructor of Sociology in 1948), taken when he was selected to be part of the Chancellor's Lecture Series.

University of Massachusetts Amherst Photo Negative Collection

1974 Nov. 14

Emory Simmons

Simmons, looking at test tube. Written on back of print: "Emory Simmons - Natick Labs' fungus collection/U.B. Nov. 14, 1974."

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Louis M. Lyons sitting indoors, around a table, with group of men

Picture of Louis Martin Lyons, Extension Editor 1920; Supervisor of Correspondence Courses 1920. Class of 1918; Served on Board Of Trustees from 1964 until 1971. Died 1982

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Colonel Tom Carhart

Col.Tom Carhart, Professor of Air Science 1963; Head of Department of Air Sciences 1963; AFROTC Air Science Area Commandant 1965,dressed in his Air Force uniform.

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Leora Baron

Formal portrait of Leora Baron, Lecturer in Classics 1971.

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