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1966 Feb. 7

Oglesby, Carl, 1935-2011

The revolt against the social order [Students for a Democratic Society speech]

Oxford (Ohio) - Speech by Carl Oglesby given at Miami University on Free Universities and the purpose of the University; asks what revolt and what social order? The war on poverty.

Carl Oglesby Papers

1966 Apr. 10

Oglesby, Carl, 1935-2011

World revolution and American containment

Yellow Springs (Ohio) - Speech by Carl Oglesby given at Antioch College while president of Students for a Democratic Society. (00:00:00), introduction by unidentified speaker; (00:03:31), Limits and defining problems of American policy makes and American society; revolution, civil rights movement, and revolutionary motivations.

Carl Oglesby Papers

1968 May 6

Buckley, William F. (William Frank), Jr., 1925-2008

The responsibilities of the American student

Amherst (Mass.) - Five College Lecture Hall broadcast of talk from UMass Amherst. Discussion of student unrest and student organization, American democracy.

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