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1978 May 11

Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992

Lecture by Isaac Asimov

Amherst (Mass.) - Asimov lecturing on predicting the future, science fiction.

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1961 Feb. 15

Clurman, Harold, 1901-1980

The theater in contemporary society part 2

South Hadley (Mass.) - Lecture at Mount Holyoke College.

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1963 Nov. 20

Franzen, Ulric, 1921-2012

Architecture in transition

South Hadley (Mass.) - Lecture on modern architecture at Mount Holyoke.

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1978 Aug. 24

Bookchin, Murray, 1921-2006

Lecture by Murray Bookchin

Amherst (Mass.) - Ecology versus environmentalism and human attitudes toward nature; evolution of human ideas about nature.

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1982 Apr. 15

Smith, James A.

Blacks in Amherst, 1728-1880

Amherst (Mass.) - Lecture by member of Amherst Historical Society, delivered at Jones Library, Amherst.

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1970 Feb. 24

Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978

Lecture on U.S. foreign policy

Amherst (Mass.) - Humphrey attempting to speak on US foreign policy at Cape Cod Lounge, UMass Amherst Student Union. Beginning with questions from teh audience, Humphrey discusses student demonstrations, social unrest, Chicago Seven trial, civil liberties and civil rights, the courts.

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1969 May 14

Taylor, Harold, 1914-1993

The student revolution

Amherst (Mass.) - Lecture on student movement in Europe and United States and relation to universities, American society, and older regimes unresponsive to realities of younger American lives. Keynote address at spring meeting of American Association of University Professors held at UMass Amherst; introduction by Mankin.

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1968 Apr. 9

Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994

The scientist in the world today

Amherst (Mass.) - Academic news conference with Pauling and Five College faculty members on science, technology, and society; science and its relations to humanities.

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1968 Apr.

Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994

Scientific discovery: its impact on man part 4 of 4

Amherst (Mass.) - First lecture in four-part series, inaugurating the Martin Luther King Memorial Lecture Series.

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1962 Nov. 7

Lomax, Louis E., 1922-1970

Race and power in a changing world part 1

South Hadley (Mass.) - Lecture at Mount Holyoke College on the intersection of race and power.

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