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1848 May 8

Pease, John, 1797-1868

Letter from John Pease to Samuel Boyd Tobey

Darlington (Eng.) - Perspective on the Wilburite separation.

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Quaker History Collection

1838 Sept. 12

Purington, L.

Letter from L. Purington to Thomas Howland

East Greenwich (R.I.) - Response following Wilbur's abrupt departure after reading his "statements."

Howland Family Papers

1839 Dec.

Shearman, Abraham, 1777-1847

Letter from Abraham Shearman to Thomas Howland

New Bedford (Mass.) - Lengthy discussion of the new paper, The Reformer, edited by Joseph S. Wall im Worcester.

Howland Family Papers

1957 May 10

Felshin, Joe

Letter from Joe Felshin to Frank Collier

New York (N.Y.) - Re publications by Communist-affiliated New Century Publishers, including discussion of advertising for of W.E.B. Du Bois's new novel, The Ordeal of Mansart. "There are absolutely njo 'secrets' about our firm. I have been the head of it for over 20 years and every couple of years representatives of the Bureau of Internal Revenue come in and spend from 10 days to two we... more

Communist Party of Massachusetts Collection

1835 Apr. 19

Tobey, Samuel Boyd, 1805-1867

Letter from Samuel B. Tobey to Thomas Howland

Providence (R.I.) - Health of friends; Friends' Boarding School faculty; Isaac Crewdson's new book, Beacon to the Society of Friends.

Howland Family Papers

1833 May 8

Braithwaite, Anna, 1788-1859

Letter from Anna Braithwaite to Thomas Howland

Liverpool (Eng.) - Theology and other matters.

Howland Family Papers

1838 Oct. 4

Griscom, John, 1774-1852

Letter from John Griscom to Samuel Boyd Tobey

West Haverford (Pa.) - Response to visit of J.J. Gurney to the city: "He is no ordinary man; -- especially as a Quaker preacher... I agree with thee in considering JJG as opposed to all 'modern ultraism.' He is an enlightened man, & brings the doctrines of the gospel to bear... But I am not so clear with regard to his opposition to ancient ultraism' for such it appears to me was the character... more

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Quaker History Collection

1846 Oct. 10

Fry, Benjamin

Letter from Benjamin Fry to Samuel Boyd Tobey

Richmond (Ind.) - Indiana Yearly Meeting; Wilburites' epistle was rejected.

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Quaker History Collection

1838 July 19

Gould, Stephen, 1781-1838

Letter from Stephen Gould to Samuel Boyd Tobey

Newport (R.I.) - Alfred Cope of Philadelphia is visiting: "a very clever & highly respectable young man."

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Quaker History Collection