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1968 Sept. 24

Searching as men stuffed into wagons Image of police officers frisking Jon Higgenbotham, member of the Milwaukee 14

Milwaukee (Wis.) - From a series of photographs of an act of civil disobedience against the war in Vietnam and the draft, led primarily by Catholic pacifists, in which over 10,000 draft files from the Selective Service Center in Milwaukee were burned with homemade napalm. The Selective Service System office in Milwaukee -- located on the second floor of the Brumder Building (now Germania Building... more

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1969 Oct.

Young woman addressing the crowd at an anti-Vietnam War protest on the steps of the First Congregational Church

Springfield (Mass.) - Young woman with a Work for Peace armband, speaking at a microphone, probably tied to the Vietnam Moratorium in 1969.

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection


Antinuclear arms protesters with the AFSC Western Massachusetts banner

Springfield (Mass.) - Unidentified protest, possibly in Springfield and probably about 1983, banner reading 'Western Mass AFSC: Equality, jobs, peace,' with doves.

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection

1981 Jan.

Leader, Miriam

Storm Roberts reading poetry at the anti-draft registration protest outside the post office building, Northampton

Northampton (Mass.) - Protesters affiliated with the AFSC, Western Massachusetts, advocating resistance to draft registration and war, carrying signs reading "No to military insanity, no draft, no war," etc. Frances Crowe (3d from left)

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection

1982 May

Leader, Miriam

World Peace March rally at Pulaski Park

Northampton (Mass.) - Peace marchers, one with an American flag mounted upside down, sitting and standing in the Park.

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection

1976 July 4

Western Mass. Women's Group, July 4th coalition

Northampton (Mass.) - Women marching behind a banner reading "Women's struggles are people's struggles."

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection


Shoul, Paul

Cruise missile model on display on the lawn in front of Northampton City Hall

Northampton (Mass.) - Model bearing the caption '15x Hiroshima: stop the cruise missile / too small to monitor' and accompanied by a sign protesting deployment of the cruise missile.

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection

1983 Aug. 27

Alger, Julie

Western Mass. contingent at the Martin Luther King Memorial March

Washington (D.C.) - Marchers at the 20th anniversary march commemorating the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, sitting by the Reflecting Pond with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.

Frances Crowe Photograph Collection