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Disabled Adults Residential Enterprises

Disabled Adults Residential Enterprises questionnaire

Chicago (Ill.) - Blank questionnaire with questions involving housing for people with physical disabilities, including information in income, family size, rent, accessibility of the building in which they reside, and their ideal housing situation.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1970 Aug.

Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics

Questionnaire on employment of people with physical disabilities

Massachusetts - Blank questionnaire with various questions on employment for people with physical disabilities, such as what kind of work the individual is interested in and thinks they are capable of, how they obtained their job if they are employed, and how their disability affects their job.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers


Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

A survey of the need for and utilization of vocational rehabilitation services

Massachusetts - Questionnaire to gather information on people with physical disabilities in Massachusetts including the nature of their disability, the medical care individuals have receives since they became disabled, whether they were employed or in school prior to becoming disabled and if they are currently employed, and their contact with agencies and community services since becoming disabled.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1967 Aug. 4

Higgins, Richard C.

Letter from Dick Higgins to prospective MAP members

Worcester (Mass.) - Describing the Worcester MAP chapter's particular goals and emphasizing that the group is not limited solely to paraplegics. Including a survey to help the Activities Committee formulate a better program moving forward.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers