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1970 May 11

Criteria for admission for residents at Center Park Apartment for the low-income handicapped

Seattle (Wash.) - Contains information such as the functional characteristics and special architectural needs for people with physical disabilities and the criteria that priority be given to individuals with orthopedic or neurological disabilities. A fact sheet discusses the architects and contractors, the construction involved, the location of the building in Seattle, the financing of the building, and the background ... more

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1970 Feb. 2

Massachusetts. General Court. Joint Committee on Urban Affairs Relative to Public Housing

Report of the joint committee on urban affairs relative to public housing

Massachusetts - Provides a list of the members of the committee and subcommittee, the order authorizing the committee to carry out a study into low income housing, and acknowledgements. There is an exhibit of the waiting list statistics for public housing in Massachusetts, information on providing low income housing to people with physical disabilities and blind people, and an appendix which includes "an act providin... more

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1971 Apr. 8

Monthly report of housing problems

Melrose (Mass.) - Contains information on an architect hoping to write evaluation sheets for housing problems with Massachusetts Rehabilitation Center clients, research in areas such as assistive and adaptive devices available for architectural modification of housing and legislation regarding providing services for people with physical disabilities. There are also sections on development to be done on the project and ... more

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1969 Apr. 26

Housing conference

Malden (Mass.) - Regarding the lack of suitable housing for people with disabilities in Massachusetts, namely because of architectural barriers which prevent people who use wheelchairs, leg braces, or crutches from navigating and thus participating in the community. The Massachusetts Council of Organizations for the Handicapped and the Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics, Inc. call the meeting to bring attention ... more

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1970 June 15

United Community Services of Metropolitan Boston

Legislative information on H-5700

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding the legislative housing package, House-700, which combines H-5000 (Special Report of the Sub-Committee on Urban Affairs) and H-5263 (Governor's Message on Public Housing). A provision in Appendix Y opens Massachusetts public housing units to people with physical disabilities who have a low income, and gives them priority placement in no less than five percent of elderly housing units.

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Selectmen and council on aging

Westwood (Mass.) - Concerning a housing complex for the elderly build in Westwood. The first tenants moved in and almost all apartments have been rented. The report details the sponsors of the project, the tenant selection guidelines, and the formula which provides some of the apartments for low rent.

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Kinnealey, Moya

Brainstorming on a halfway house or group living for adolescents

Haverhill (Mass.) - Regarding a meeting of people who work with adolescents that are mentally or physically disabled or substance abusers to discuss a group living situation. The document identifies the need for a group living situation for economic, psychological, and social reasons. The needs of each category of adolescents is also discussed. The financial and administrative aspects of setting up a halfway house, the p... more

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1970 Apr. 20

National Paraplegia Foundation

Development report executive committee meeting

Concerning fund raising activities of the National Paraplegia Foundation in terms of raising enough sustaining money for the organization. The report discusses how the NPF has become recognized as the "major voice for paraplegics in the country." Fund raising activities launched on behalf of sustaining operations, thanks to guidance provided by Jerold Panas & Partners, Inc., are listed.

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1973 June 18

Veraa, Richard P.

National Paraplegia Foundation status report on basic research

Examining the state of research into central nervous system regeneration and repair of the damaged spinal cord and the NPF's activities in this area, including research grants NPF has given for research in this area and the first NPF Neuroscientific Conference held in 1970 and subsequent conference. There is a sampling of current research projects in spinal cord regeneration; many of these samplings i... more

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Mobile paraplegic club

Prichard (Ala.) - Briefly outlines information for the Mobile Paraplegic club, including administration, the amount of members, the sports leagues the club has started, the service programs the club operates for people with disabilities, work on architectural barriers, and entertainment offered by the club.

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