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1873 – 1874

Gass, Louisa

Diary of Louisa B. Gass

Keithsburg (Ill.) - Contains scattered entries starting in September 1873 until March of 1874. Louisa describes her daily activities, town gossip, and affiliation with the local school and church. Also included in the diary are grocery lists and prices, housekeeping schedules and lists, household accounting, laundry schedule and cost, profit and loss list, a list of dress/sewing costs, lis... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers


Irey, Katherine

Bird journal of Katherine Irey

Florida - Documents Katherine and Kenneth's daily life as well as their birding adventures, both big and small. The journal describes their birding activities in Florida and their driving trip through Canada to Alaska for their first adventure in Attu and Gambell. Katherine and Kenneth arrive in Attu on May 17 and stay there until June 4th. They arrive in Gambell on June 5 and stay until... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1983 – 1989

Irey, Kenneth

Bird chase book

United States - Chronicles Katherine and Kenneth's bird-watching trips in great detail. The journal begins after the Ireys spotted their 700th bird species. Each entry is described as a "chase" after a specific bird or birds they are looking for and the diary has a total of 53 chases. The majority of the chases begin with a birding friend calling the Irey's to notify them of a bird sit... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers