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1871 Apr. 28

T. S. Doremus & Co.

Letter from T. S. Doremus & Co. to D. H. Coggeshall

New York (N.Y.) - Have completed sales of Coggeshall's honey; recommends not sending the strained honey "those who have tried it say they don't like the flavor, besides it becomes candied. e think if the white comb was sent a little earlier in the season & by express it would be better."

D. H. Coggeshall Papers

1911 Dec. 7

Rea, George H.

Letter from George H. Rea to D. H. Coggeshall

Pennsylvania - Request for information on renting bee from "Distributor of Root's bee supplies"; "I know how to handle large apiaries."

D. H. Coggeshall Papers

1873 Apr. 8

Barber, S. D.

Letter from S. D. Barber to D. H. Coggeshall

Mattoon (Ill.) - Glad to hear that Coggeshall's experiments with bees have come out well and requests a queen if he can spare one: "I have the promis of three wueens from difrant parties, but as I have all black bees, it will bee mutch easier to Italianize properly by having sevral Queens to rear drones and one to rear Queens from, this saves breeding in & in and by keeping down black d... more

D. H. Coggeshall Papers

1871 Apr. 27

T. S. Doremus & Co.

Sales of honey for a/c of D. H. Coggeshall, Jr.

New York (N.Y.) - Accounts for sale of $140.33 of honey produced by Coggeshall. Account enclosed in letter from Doremus to Coggeshall, 1871 Apr. 28 (mums600-f007-i001-001).

D. H. Coggeshall Papers


Cortland Union Beekeepers Association

Beekeepers basket picnic

Cortland (N.Y.) - Invitation to beekeepers' picnic at the apiary of Miles Morton (Groton, N.Y.); signed by M. H. Fairbanks (Pres.) and W. H. Beach (Sec.).

D. H. Coggeshall Papers