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1986 Aug. 15

Kondo, Kazuo

Fax from K. Kondo to John S. Oney

Kondo writes regarding the Tele Planning International United States Open trademark infringements.

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1984 Sept. 13

Oney, John

Memorandum from John S. Oney to Haji Fukuhara

John S. Oney informs Haji Fukuhara that the deal status reports show that the Julius Boros / Oak Company deal is still not signed since March. He asks Fukuhara to let find out what the problem is and let him know when they can receive a signed contract. Below this memorandum, on the same page, is another memorandum from Brian Roggenburk to T. Sato / K. Kondo inquiring about the status about the royalt... more

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1986 July 3

Stott, Judy

Memorandum from Judy Stott to John Oney

Forwarding copies of the PBL agreements. Enclosure not with letter.

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1987 Feb. 25

Uji, Shigeki

Fax from Shigeki Uji to John Oney

Uji writes regarding the Sony and European Professional Golfers Association agreement.

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1987 Apr. 29

Orsie, Jacque

Memorandum from Jacque Orsie to John Oney

Orsie sends a fax regarding Bond Media.

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1987 Oct. 6

Wooldridge, Sarah

Fax from Sarah Wooldridge to John Oney

Wooldridge asks Oney to ignore the first fax, as it should have been the attached Luiz Leonardos telex about the Wimbledon trademark infringement.

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1992 Feb. 14

Oney, John

Fax from John S. Oney to T. Masaoka

Oney writes regarding the Wimbledon, Japan Broadcasting Corporation and "N. E. P." contract.

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1988 June 10

Delaney, Louise

Fax from Louise Delaney to John Oney

Forwarding a letter from the All England Club about the Newsweek Contract.

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1991 May 21

Thompson, Penny

Fax from Penny Thompson to John Oney

Thompson notes that McCormack is suggests that the Club send the attached draft to Malcolm Bash about the athletic shoe situation and royalties.

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1982 Apr. 12

Chilcote, Judy A.

Memorandum from Judith A. Chilcote to John S. Oney

Chilcote reminds Oney that McCormack is expecting Wimbledon documents by April 23rd.

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