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1981 Feb. 9

Stanner, H. Kent

Memorandum from H. Kent Stanner to James

Australia - Telex prinotuts prinotut concerning the possibility of the Australian Sports Institute as a client.

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1986 July 31

Memorandum from Group Y to H. Kent Stanner

Concerning the attached summary of IMC/Motor Sports, Merchandising Consultants, IMC/ General Merchandising, IMC/Marketing Billing center and Financial Marketing Consultant Division courier costs for the first six months of 1986.

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1987 Aug.

Stanner, H. Kent

Cleveland meetings agenda

Agenda, attendees and projected expenses for the Cleveland meetings.

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1987 July 6

Stanner, H. Kent

Memorandum from H. Kent Stanner to list

Stanner announces that Paul Lufkin is resigning.

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1986 Mar. 19

Stott, Judy

Memorandum from Judy Stott to Bud Stanner

Stott asks for a list of people who attended the special events group conference.

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1974 Apr. 3

Todd, Ian

Memorandum from Ian Todd to Bud Stanner

Todd wants to make sure that Borg is a client, and notes he has yet to talk to Ronnie Peterson. Todd comments on exclusivity rights and suggests generating for Borg in excess of $50,000 in Scandinavia.

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1984 June 20

Kovach, Cyndy

Memorandum from Cyndy Kovach to H. Kent Stanner

Listing how much IMG spend for client brochures.

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1972 Feb. 26

Chilcote, Judy

Memorandum from Judy Chilcote to H. Kent Stanner

Chilcote informs Stanner that she is deducting his reimbursement for dinner because there is no receipt.

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1980 Aug. 22

Stanner, H. Kent

Letter from H. Kent Stanner to Judy Stott

Noting how much has been spent on Wimbledon House in the past.

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1974 May 9

Frank, barry

Memorandum from Barry Frank to H. Kent Stanner

Frank notes his time spent with tennis player Roscoe Tanner at Palm Springs and his opinion that Tanner should be high on their target list.

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