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Joseph D. Duffey in group portrait at Commencement

Honorary Degree Recipients and others. Portrait includes, Edward H. Fouhy, John Brooks Slaughter, Governor Michael S. Dukakis, Richard J. Mahoney, Chancellor Joseph Duffey, Edward King, President David Knapp, Mikio Arie, and Eleanor Holmes Norton.

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1969 Feb. 25

What does the Campus Upheaval Mean?

Amherst (Mass.) - Discussion by UMass Amherst faculty members of student upheaval.

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1973 May 27

Amherst Record

Herbert Aptheker signing paper transferring W. E. B. Du Bois papers to University of Massachusetts

Seated left to right at the formal signing of the Du Bois papers contract Graduate School Dean Mortimer Appley; Chancellor Randolph Bromery; Mrs. Shirley Graham Du Bois;Dr. Herbert Aptheker, custodian and editor of the papers; and Michael Thelwell, head of the W.E.B.Du Bois Department of African-American Studies. Standing are the attorneys who completed the contract. Bernard J... more

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Howard Photo (Northampton, Mass.)

Kenyon L. Butterfield in group portrait with Presidents Edward M. Lewis, Hugh P. Baker,and Roscoe W. Thatcher

Four College Presidents are seen posed inside, seated around a desk in President Baker's office in South College. Edward M. Lewis was Acting President(1912)(09/01/1924-06/13/1926) and President(06/14/1926-04/29/1927). Roscoe W. Thatcher was President (06/09/1927-04/08/1932). Hugh P. Baker was President (05/20/1932 - 06/08/1946). Kenyon L. Butterfield served as President... more

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David C. Knapp, Joseph D. Duffey, Michael S. Dukakis, Grace M. Hopper, Julius Irving, Au Wang, Sidney Kaplan, Thomas P. Costin, Jr., and Andrew Iosue

Note on photo reads, 'Honorary Degree Recipients and others, 1986. Portrait includes; Admiral Grace M. Hopper, Au Wang, Chancellor Joseph Duffey, Sidney Kaplan, Thomas P. Costin, Jr., President David Knapp, General Andrew Iosue, Julius Erving, and Governor Michael Dukakis'.

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The newer members of the faculty

Page from the 1889 Index of the Massachusetts Agricultural College with images of C. H. Fernald, Rev. Charles S. Walker, Charles Wellington, Clarence D. Warner, Lt. George E. Sage, and Henry E. Alvord.

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1933 Oct. 9

Inaugural procession for Hugh Potter Baker

Colonel Charles A. Romeyn and Dean William L. Machmer walk in front of military aides bearing the colors of the state of Massachusetts and of the United States during the inaugural procession for Hugh Potter Baker, eleventh president of Massachusetts State College. Dr. Baker and Massachusetts Governor Joseph B. Ely walk directly behind. Photograph donated by Everett Kosarick.

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1921 June 10

Kenyon L. Butterfield

President Butterfield is posing outside a building on campus, with Governor Channing Harris Cox, Secretary of Agriculture Henry C. Wallace, Charles A. Gleason, and Arthur W. Gilbert. Butterfield was a speaker at the Citizen's Day program, also celebrating the semi-centennial of Massachusetts Agricultural College and commencement exercises. All men are wearing white stra... more

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1930 Sept. 1

Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Kenyon L. Butterfield

Portrait of a Cabinet Reunion which took place on Sept. 1, 1930. Seated in a room around a white tablecloth-covered table are the following people: MacKimmie, Gordon, Kenney, Fernald, Lindsey, Waugh, Machmer, Butterfield, Thatcher, Brooks, Munson, Sievers, Haskell, Willard, Rice, and Hawley. Kenyon L. Butterfield served as President of Massachusetts Agricultural College... more

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