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1974 Oct. 3

Mason R. Bunker, laughing

Mason R. Bunker,School of Education,Distinguished Teacher Award recipient,1974

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Massachusetts Agricultural College Senior Class standing outdoors

Portrait of twenty-three unidentified men standing on the steps of an unidentified building which has a large oval sign with "'78" on it. All of the men are wearing hats and many are holding walking sticks/canes.

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1921 June 11

Thrasher (Amherst, Mass.)

Massachusetts Agricultural College's pioneer class of 1871 as they appeared yesterday back for reunion after 50 years

Newspaper clipping with writing on lower right that says "Photo by Thrasher". Eleven of the twelve living members of the class are in the photo. They're all dressed in suits, and have a badge or ribbon on their jackets. Most of them are holding hats. The men are identified below the photo. "Left to right, front row- Robert W. Lyman of Northampton, W.D. Russell of New York, Wil... more

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Matthew Bullock standing outdoors, in front of building

Matthew Bullock, first black head football coach at a mostly white institution, Mass Agriculture College, (1904) 1907-1908

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Matthew Louis Blaisdell receiving award

Professor Matthew L. Blaisdell, Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry and Farm Superintendent, indoors in a banquet room with his wife and shaking hands with Thomas W. Fox. Handwritten note on back reads: "Right - Blaisdell; Left & center, Dr. & Mrs. T. W. Fox - see "Blaisdell Recipient of Award". Name tag on the woman reads "Mrs. Matt Blaisdell". Also handwritten on... more

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Maurice A. Donahue

Sitting inside with hands folded, facing the camera and smiling.

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