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William C. Starkweather

Portrait of William Chandler Starkweather, Assistant Registrar. He also served as president of the Fraternity Managers Association (1965) and advisor to the Student Workers' Activities Union (S.W.A.P., also 1965).

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Mary Ellen Morbeck

Mary Ellen Morbeck, wearing a striped shirt, glasses and a smile.

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Roger Stephen Porter

Head and shoulders photo of Roger Stephen Porter. Written on back: Chancellor lecture series. Stamped below that: OFFICE OF PUBLIC INFORMATION 200 MUNSON HALL UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS 01003 and written below that and underlined: Roger S. Porter

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William H. Richards

Portrait of William H. Richards with a pipe. He was Assistant Dean of Men in 1966

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1974 Mar. 14

Ellen Wolf and Carol Dersham talking at desk

Wolf (left), Dersham (right). Dersham is research assistant to Carnegie fellows.

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1976 Sept. 15

G. Richard Huguenin

A bearded G. Richard Huguenin, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, turning a knob on a very large computer with the logo Digital PDP-12 on it. The note on the back reads, "5 College Radar Telescope".

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