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The whole Waugh tribe salutes you

F. A. (Frank Albert) Waugh and his wife Alice V. seated outdoors surrounded by his extended family. The photograph is dated 1938-39.

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Endora Van Meter

Formal head and shoulders portrait of Mrs. Endora van Meter, wife of President Ralph A. Van Meter (1948-1954). "Endora Van Meter" and "Nov. 1951" hand-printed on back.

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1962 June

Howard H. Wood, Stephen P. Puffer and Charles D. Walker at 50th reunion

Massachusetts - Howard Holmes "Speedy" Wood, Stephen Perry "Steve" Puffer Jr., and Charles Dexter "Hans" Walker, all of the Class of 1912, stand outside the campus Student Union during their 50th class reunion. Wood became the superintendent of the Dairy Improvement Association of the Worcester Farm Bureau. Puffer went on after graduation to become a developer and contractor responsible for ... more

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1895 Sept. 18

1898 rope pull team

Taken after the '98 vs. '99 rope pull. '98 won the rope by 15 feet. Written on back "on right: Alexander Montgomery, Jr., founder of Montgomery Rose Company (according to Prof. Lee Varley, 1975)"

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1910-1911 Massachusetts Agricultural College Rifle Club

Photocopy of a group portrait photograph of the 1910-1911 M.A.C. Rifle Team. Standing, from left: Arthur N. Raymond, '12; [John W. T. Lesure, '13]; Albert F. Edminster, '13; Allister F. McDougall,'13; Edward R. Lloyd, '12; John K. Murray, '14; Earle I. Wilde, '12. Seated, from left: Frederick A. McLaughlin, '11; Herbert J. Baker, '11; [Benjamin W. Ellis, '13]; Sgt.... more

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1913-1914 Massachusetts Agricultural College Rifle Club

Photocopy of a group portrait photograph of the 1913-1914 M.A.C. Rifle Team. Standing, from left: Ernest S. Clarke Jr., '14; George F. Hyde, '15; Frederick D. Griggs, '13; Wallace C. Forbush, '13; Philip F. Whitmore, '15. Seated, from left: Earle I. Wilde, '12; Allister F. McDougall, '13; [Coach - Corporal Major of UMSC]; Edward R. Lloyd, '12 (Captain); Albert F. Ed... more

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1966 Testimonial Dinner for Earl Lorden

Picture of Earl Eastman Lorden, Professor of Physical Education 1948. Handwritten/typed on back: Affair: Testimonial Dinner - 1996 - Earl Lorden, Asst. Athletic Director. Clockwise: Joseph R. Rogers, Jr.; Mrs. (Virginia) Joseph Rogers; Mrs. (Mary) Stephen Kosakowski (hidden); Ruth J. Totman; Sally Ann Ogilvie; Stephen Kosakowski; Georgia Reid; Prim Upton.

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2014 Nov. 3

University of Massachusetts at Amherst . Office of News and Media Relations

A long and winding road the legacy of the back-to-the-land communes of the 1960's

Amherst (Mass.) - Explores the nearly forty year history of some of Western New England's best known communes: Montague Farm and Wendell Farms nearby in Massachusetts, and Packer Corners and Tree Frog Farms in neighboring southern Vermont.

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A. Wayne Corcoran

Portrait of A. Wayne Corcoran. He has a buzz cut hair style, eye glasses, dark sports coat, white shirt and a neck tie. He is not smiling in the picture. The back of picture has written on in pen "Wayne A. Corcoran". He was a Professor in Accounting, 1969.

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1922 Apr. 9

A.K. Harrison and members of Metawampe Club on Mt. Toby

Taking a break from building a cabin at a campfire where food is being prepared.

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