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1943 Sept. 13

White, Eliza Orne, 1856-1947

Letter from Eliza Orne White to Caleb Foote

Brookline (Mass.) - Feels an affinity with Foote going beyond being cousins, "for if I were a young man with the same thought of futility of war, I have had for so many years as a woman, I should have been a conscientious objector.... I admire, however, those who like you give up all the pleasant ways of life for a principle"

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1946 May 13

Scott, Howard

Letter from Howard Scott to Caleb Foote

Newberg (Ore.) - Elated over Foote's parole. Has purchased equipment to begin farming. Influx in the Willamette Valley of CPS and ex-cons who want to farm. Most farmers to not want to hire permanent people sight unseen; experience is a plus. Prospects for Foote to work with Scarlett in farming. Russ Freeman visited for three days, pitched in, and accomplished a great deal.

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1945 Feb. 2

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Scapegoats and prisons

Glendora (Calif.) - With lead article by Caleb Foote, appearing Pacifica Views vol. 2, no. 35.

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1945 May 30

Triest, Frank

Letter from Frank Triest to Caleb Foote

Los Angeles (Calif.) - Would like to see Foote before prison, "Among other things, I would be interested to know in what direction your thoughts have developed regarding non-cooperation in prison. I have hardly done any thinking on that subject. I guess because prison becomes more remote for me each day.... Even if I haven't worked up a home made guide for prison behavior, I still seem to be inclined toward ... more

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1991 Jan. 29

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Ellsworth Strong Grant

Point Reyes (Calif.) - Offers a place to stay if Grant wishes to visit. Is now writing his memoirs and is delving through his long family papers. Grant mentioned their wartime experiences: Foote recalls a letter Grant wrote castigating him and Butcher for their pacifist stances.

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1944 Feb. 19

United States. Selective Service System

Transfer Preinduction Physical Examination Application

San Francisco (Calif.) - Order to report for physical examination.

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1943 Sept. 7

Muste, A. J. (Abraham John), 1885-1967

Letter from A. J. Muste to Caleb Foote

New York (N.Y.) - Suggests he not apply for Plan 4 parole, or parole at all. "The whole parole situation is very much up in the air. There are some indications that the situation may get worse, and that fewer men will get parole in the future." News of fellow COs: Charlie Butcher is okay; Bob Brooks may get his call to CPS and will refuse; Fran Hall arraigned; Dave Dellinger got two year... more

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Scarlet, Don

Letter from Don Scarlet to Caleb Foote

Responding to the call for information, Scarlet reports the camp is a most pleasant place to live, the medical training is interesting and there are no inconveniences. "We on the anti-war side of the fence have not been made to undergo any sort of pressure -- except for bond-buying, and somehow just the mention of one's CO standing seems to check their insistence in the... more

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1944 Jan. 3

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

United States v. Caleb Foote Statement of facts by Caleb Foote

San Francisco (Calif.) - Rejects Boards order to report for physical examination.

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1946 Feb. 26

Conard, Joseph

Letter from Joseph Conard to Caleb Foote

San Francisco (Calif.) - Not happy to hear that Foote is in administrative segregation. Suggests Foote think about opportunities near Tracy, Calif., when released.

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