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Foote, Eleanor T. C.

Letter from Eleanor T. C. Foote to A. J. Muste

Writing in reaction and concern to Caleb's choice to make an absolutist stand. "To bombard Washington now with peace demands seems not only a hopeless thing to do (for we know it can't succeed) but will open the way for just that sort of ridicule which [John Haynes] Holmes means -- and will do our cause harm not good."

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The ancient testimony and principles of the people called Quakers , renewed with respect to the King and government ; and touching the commotions now prevailing in these and other parts of America, addressed to the people in general

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Quaker pacifist tract read as having loyalist sympathies; "the happy connection ... and our just and necessary subordination to the king." Signed by John Pemberton, Clerk.

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From our Yearly Meeting of Friends, held at Newport, : from the 14th of the sixth month, 1812, to the 17th of the same, inclusive. To the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings hereunto belonging

Newport (R.I.) - Concerning non-participation in the War of 1812. "Signed on behalf of the Meeting, by Samuel Rodman, clerk this year. Not in Shaw & Shoemaker.

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Marcinkowski, Tony

Letter from Tony Marcinkowski to Caleb Foote

Weston (Mass.) - Apologizes for missing their regular session. Wonders how plans for Foote's South American trip are progressing.

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1940 May 27

Stillman, Calvin W. (Calvin Whitney), 1915-

Letter from Calvin W. Stillman to Caleb Foote

Ames (Iowa) - "Quite apart from the possibility of our involvement in the war, or a war of our own, the prospect we see is one of accelerated decay of all that we like about the American form of government. If we were given three or four administrations free of war and reaction, this nation might solve the great social problems facing the world -- a mechanism of control of highly int... more

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1940 June 7

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Calvin W. Stillman

Portland (Ore.) - Exhorts Stillman to come to the northwest before the world ends. "My political ideas have also been taking a steady jolting." Ran into an attorney investigating the Aberdeen case for violations of civil liberties or the Wagner Act: conflict between Finnish workers and murder of CIO official: "Of course all the liberals -- and communists -- in the Northwest started cryi... more

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1940 June 28

Marston, Helen, 1892-1982

Letter from Helen Marston Beardsley to Caleb Foote

Los Angeles (Calif.) - Glad to have met Foote and hopes he likes the Los Angeles people enough to come out to do graduate work there. Peace movement: "I share your feeling that we need to reach average people -- grocery clerks, beauty parlor operators, etc. It's because we haven't reached them and taught them how to express themselves that democracy is not functioning on the war issue." Enclo... more

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United States Selective Service System

Sample form 47: Special form for conscientious objectors

United States - Form for application as a conscientious objector, signed by Foote (see attachments).

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1941 Apr. 1

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to United States Selective Service Board 9 (Belmont, Mass.)

New York (N.Y.) - Has just received his questionnaire and cannot return by April 4; "As will be indicated in the questionnaire, I am conscientiously opposed to participation in war because of my religious beliefs, and I request a copy of the special form on which to give further evidence of my beliefs..." Also includes brief note citing time of receipt and remission.

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1941 Apr. 8

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Additional material submitted with questionnaire of Caleb Foote

United States - Statement in application for status as a conscientious objector.

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