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1982 Feb.

Mental patients meet with mayor's aide

Northampton (Mass.) - A newspaper article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette by Stephen Lyons heavily quotes Rebecca Macauley after meeting with the mayor's administrative assistant following a fatal fire allegedly set by a Northampton State Hospital patient. Rebecca talks about the panic and fear that have surrounded ex-patients as a result. In a letter to the editor, Rebecca calls out Mayor David Musante on his proposal to i... more

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1976 Nov.

Bozarth, Ollie Mae

Task force on feminist investigations in mental health

Regarding the establishment of a task force to work towards changing the law so that forced psychiatric and medical procedures, including involuntary hospitalization, are prohibited. As laws and discrimination against people with mental illness are particularly destructive to women, the task force is especially important to the National Organization for Women. The hope is to interest feminist attorney... more

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1995 June 10

Kolata, Gina Bari, 1948-

Getting on a transplant list is the first of many hurdles

An article discussing the difficulty of getting on the list for organ transplants. A patient must first have a doctor who then decides whether or not to refer the patient to a medical center for a transplant; factors doctors use in determining this include whether the patient is a substance abuser or is mentally ill or otherwise mentally disabled. The transplant center also decides whether a patient i... more

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Judi Chamberlin: Mental Patients' Liberation Activist

An article about Judi Chamberlin and her work to empower psychiatric patients, taken from a book entitled "Extraordinary People with Disabilities" by Deborah Kent and Kathryn A. Quinlan.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1977 Feb.

Bozarth, Ollie Mae

'Right to choose' applies to psychotherapy

Concerning the fallacies of the medical model of mental illness and the discrimination people who have been deemed mentally ill, especially women, face. The Feminist Investigations in "Mental Health" Task Force as part of the National Organization for Women seeks to defend a woman's right to choose or refuse psychiatric procedures and therapy, raise consciousness about the issues women face when label... more

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