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1999 – 2001

Potash, Robert A., 1921-

Notes: Alejandro A. Lanusse

Argentina - Contains questions for interviews, conversation notes, and observations about what different people thought about Alejandro Lanusse. Some of the people involved are Bossi, García, Puiggrós, Ileana Lanusse, Reimundes, Pandolfi, and Marcos Lanusse. The most important topics are the personal characteristics of Alejandro Lanusse and his time in jail.

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1978 Oct. 25

Fiscalía Nacional de Investigaciones Administrativas (Argentina)

Legal document: prosecutor's opposition to dismissal of case

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - The "Fiscalía Nacional de Investigaciones Administrativas" (National Prosecution Office of Administrative Investigations) opposes the dismissal of a case related to an Aluminum Factory in Puerto Madryn, where Lasnusse, Gnavi, Rey and Cáceres Monié were accused of fraudulent management.

Robert A. Potash Papers

1970 June

General staff study: recommendations on selecting new President

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Photocopy of a document included with Cornicelli's diary kept during his service as Secretary-Aide to Army Commander in Chief, General Lanusse. Considers who new president should be. Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages to determine which of the following options is best: a civilian, an army retiree or the Army Commander in Chief (CJE). The latter option could be accepted only if the other tw... more

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1971 Aug. 26

Report: meeting between Alejandro A. Lanusse and La hora del Pueblo representatives

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - President Lanusse discussing the elections with the La Hora del Pueblo representatives; representatives apply pressure in an effort to designate a date, but President Lanusse insists that establishing a date would be of no use given the current political conditions.

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1959 Feb. 20 – 1959 July 2

Caro, Carlos Augusto

Correspondence between Carlos Augusto Caro and Héctor Solanas Pacheco

Argentina - Photocopiesof a group of letters in which Colonel Caro and Solanas Pacheco reply to Lanusse's requirements on his wage and compensations; includes letters to Humberto Pizzi. The set ends with an important letter from Horacio Quiñones, Mexican Director of the BIP, addressing the visit of President of the United States Eisenhower to Mexico.

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1973 May 22 – 1973 May 24

Lanusse, Alejandro A. (Alejandro Agustín), 1918-1996

Memoranda and letters: government transition:

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - This item contains a resignation letter, messages from the outgoing president Alejandro A. Lanusse, protocol greetings and a legally binding decree. Primary topics addressed: government changes and interdictions.

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1938 – 1993

Military records: Alejandro Lanusse

Argentina - Photocopies of documents that provide a detailed overview of Alejandro Lanusse's education and career in the army. Includes overview of each position occupied and place lived, his evaluations, awards, and remarks. Overall, Lanusse did not perform best in technical classes such as tactics; rather he did better in languages and Argentinian history, and definitely excelled because of his military pe... more

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1970 June 8

Summary of orders: ouster of President Onganía

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Photocopy of a document included with Cornicelli's diary kept during his service as Secretary-Aide to Army Commander in Chief, General Lanusse. Summary of the orders issued and received on the day President Onganía was ousted. Provides a detailed description of the steps that the Junta de Comandantes en Jefe (JCJ) took to neutralize President Onganía and take control over the communi... more

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1985 Aug. 13

Colombo, Romulo E.

Romulo E. Colombo oral history with Robert A. Potash

Argentina - Interview between Robert Potash and Colonel Romulo Colombo covering the years 1960-1979. Primary topics addressed: his military career, his work after retirement, the army factions the Azules and Colorados, the military unions and political parties' participation in the government, Alejandro Lanusse. and the "Gran Acuerdo Nacional." The interview was originally recorded on two audiocassettes, and it c... more

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1970 Mar. 3 – 1970 Mar. 25

Cornicelli, Francisco

Francisco Cornicelli diary

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Photocopies of pages from Cornicelli's diary kept during his service as Secretary-Aide to Army Commander in Chief, General Lanusse. He describes a meeting between Lanusse and Onganía during which the two do not follow the previously agreed upon agenda. He expresses optimism due to the appointment of General Iávicoli, because this could generate a link between the army and the governmen... more

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