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J.E. Purdy & Co. (Boston, Mass.)

Charles W. Carpenter: studio portrait

Boston (Mass.) - Oval bust portrait, impressed with photographer's stamp in lower left.

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William Hunlie Craighead: studio portrait

Northampton (Mass.) - Studio portrait, bust, of William Hunlie Craighead (Massachusetts Agricultural College class of 1906), one of the college's earliest African American graduates. Impressed with photographer's stamp in lower right; inscribed on verso: "Yours truly, Bill."

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Summer school demonstration of horses

A summer school class watches from the campus lawn while horses and carriages are lead past on a dirt road. "Summer school demonstration (Horse type), 1908" typewritten on front. "Property Short Course Dept.", "Scoring horses, Summer School" and "Showing different types - Saddle, Roadster, Draft" handwritten on back.

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Students surveying on the campus lawn

A class of female students work with surveying tools on the campus lawn. Handwritten note on back reads" "Girls taking courses in landscape gardening". A different handwritten note in pencil reads: "B23 - Not this one but one in Big B12 in Alumni office - Margaret Hamlin". Miss Hamlin was an Agricultural Counselor for Women in Stockbridge from 1918-1934.

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Summer class in session on campus lawn

A large number of students, mostly women, listen to a speaker during a summer class on campus. Partly legible note on back reads: "O [illegible]th Conference g[illegible]a in session under the trees M.A.C. Summer Schools". Other notes in different handwriting read: "Class in Home Economics", "Summer School Class" and "Summer School".

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William Lane Hood: studio portrait in academic gown

Northampton (Mass.) - Nearly full-length studio portrait of William Lane Hood (Massachusetts Agricultural College class of 1903) in academic gown and mortar board, one of the college's earliest African American graduates. Impressed with photographer's stamp in lower right."

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Massachusetts Agricultural College Class of 1875 Photograph Album

Amherst (Mass.) - 1875 class album with signed photographs of class members Barrett, Barri, Bragg, Brooks, Bunker, Callendar, Campbell, Clay, Dodge, Hague, Harwood, Knapp, Lee, Miles, Otis, Rice, Southwick, and Winchester and a photograph of the Class Cup. Was presented to the twelve class attendees at the 1915 Alumni Dinner.

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Massachusetts Agricultural College Class of 1875 Class Book

Amherst (Mass.) - Class book of 1875, with entries made by John A. Barri in March 1938, "when he and William P. Brooks were the only living graduates of the Class of 1875." Brooks seems to have died a few days later. Entries include the class constitution adopted in 1871, and a list of those who graduated, their home towns, school clubs and fraternaties, occupations, and dates and places of death.

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1871 – 1875

Massachusetts Agricultural College Class of 1875 Minute Book

Amherst (Mass.) - Class book of 1875, covering class meeting minutes and constitutions from 1871-1875.

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1893 Sept. 12

Shultis, Newton

Letter from Newton Shultis to Mark Shultis

Amherst (Mass.) - Newton is glad to have heard from his father, but suggests he visit in about three weeks, to help divide the time when they are apart and also when campus is up and running, the corn is being cut, and the leaves are changing. Newton's cough is better, and he is enjoying his work more this term.

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