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1910-1911 Massachusetts Agricultural College Rifle Club

Photocopy of a group portrait photograph of the 1910-1911 M.A.C. Rifle Team. Standing, from left: Arthur N. Raymond, '12; [John W. T. Lesure, '13]; Albert F. Edminster, '13; Allister F. McDougall,'13; Edward R. Lloyd, '12; John K. Murray, '14; Earle I. Wilde, '12. Seated, from left: Frederick A. McLaughlin, '11; Herbert J. Baker, '11; [Benjamin W. Ellis, '13]; Sgt.... more

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1917 Oct.

Class of 1871 members gather after 46 years

Members of the first class of the Massachusetts Agricultural College gather on the steps of a house 46 years later. Handwritten note on back identifies the men. From left, front row: Jabez Fisher, Willard Ware, Robert Lyman, Gideon Allen, Edwin Smead. From left, middle row: Lilley Caswell, George Woolson, Homer Cowles, William Russell, Edgar Thompson, George Leonard... more

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1913-1914 Massachusetts Agricultural College Rifle Club

Photocopy of a group portrait photograph of the 1913-1914 M.A.C. Rifle Team. Standing, from left: Ernest S. Clarke Jr., '14; George F. Hyde, '15; Frederick D. Griggs, '13; Wallace C. Forbush, '13; Philip F. Whitmore, '15. Seated, from left: Earle I. Wilde, '12; Allister F. McDougall, '13; [Coach - Corporal Major of UMSC]; Edward R. Lloyd, '12 (Captain); Albert F. Ed... more

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1947 June 9

Honorary degree recipients posing after commencement exercises

Massachusetts - Recipients of honorary degrees at the 77th annual Commencement pose after the ceremonies. From left: Francis A. Bartlett ('05, Agriculture), Minnie Ryan Dwight (Human Letters), Governor Robert F. Bradford, President Hugh P. Baker (Laws), Sidney B. Haskell ('04, Science) and Thornton Clark, who received the diploma and hood for his father, Frank S. Clark (1887) who was g... more

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Members of Class of 1880 sitting outdoors, in front of building

Group portrait sitting on the steps of an unidentified building. Note on back, 'Left to right first row - Herbert Townsley, George Endicott, C.M. McQueen, William C. Stewart, William Warner, George A. Ripley; Second row, not sure about name of first but think F.E. Gladwin, Frank N. Zabriskie, Edwin F. Bristol back of Warner. Third row Edwin T. Goodale, Alvan L. Fowler, ... more

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Members of the Class of 1871 standing in front of Old Chapel

Eighteen members of the Class of 1871 standing outside of the Old Chapel in 1911. Photo is marked with numbers that correspond with names which have also been marked on photo. 1. Fisher, Jabez Franklin. 2. Birnie, William Perkins. 3. Allen, Gideon Hammond [Class President]. 4. Russell, William D.. 5. Ellsworth, Emory Alexander. 6. Nichols, Lewis Abel [Class Treasurer]. 7. Wheeler, Will... more

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1912 June

Class of 1872 sitting on the steps of Old Chapel

Massachusetts - Photo of Class of 1872 members taken in June 1912. Men are seated on steps of Old Chapel. They are dressed in suits and some are holding hats. Photo is labeled in white pen labeling and numbering the seventeen gentlemen in the picture. Photo is taped to a light cardboard backing and attached to the backing is an excerpt from a letter that reads "From Letter of Charles D. Flagg to Pres.... more

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Students standing in and around a horse drawn carriage

Portrait of the of class of 1897, taken in the fall of 1894. Taken on a botany excursion to Mt. Holyoke, at the Halfway House. Under the guidance of Dr. Stone. "Gordon King Fernald Hall" written in pencil on back. Top l. to r. Cook, J.W. Allen, Nowell, Walsh Colby, Clark, Emrich, Barry, Cheney. Bottom l. to r. "The Driver", Sherman, Peters, Smith, Drew, Dr. Stone, B... more

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Class of 1881 sitting on the steps in front of North College

A letter accompanying the photo from Joseph Hill at University of Vermont and State Agricultural College Burlington, Vermont, dated January 12, 1933 to Mr. F.P. Rand, Massachusetts State College, Amherst, Massachusetts - describes aspects of the photo, i.e. the canes that most are holding and who is still alive at the time the letter was written. The following names are written on the f... more

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Class of 1881 in front of North College

On the South side, windows in Christian Association room. Group portrait. J.L. Hills '81 provided the description included with the photo. Most of the men are wearing uniforms, a few are holding rifles that have bayonets on them. Mr. Hills note identifies each man and describes the two types of uniforms and hats worn in the photo, as well as explaining the canes that some of t... more

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