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1941 May

Foote, Eleanor T. C. Foote

Letter from Eleanor T. C. Foote to Caleb Foote

Belmont (Mass.) - "You don't have to be told how deeply sympathetic I am in your desire to bring about a change in this dreadfully torn & twisted world. But I have been thinking of all that taking a step such as you contemplate may mean in your life. There are only a very few great souls -- who have gone out leaving father & mother & children & lambs for the gospel. Those I think of are ... more

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1952 Aug.

Haynes, Jerry

Letter from Jerry Haynes to Caleb Foote

Ontario (Calif.) - May have found a job at last; recap of last year's activities; will be working with the Orange Products Company, running the evaporators. Is "now helping a negro family buy in a FHA housing area. The salesman always says they are sold out, but he had one for me the other day."

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Burlington Peace Coalition

Peace and justice center

Burlington (Vt.) - Informational booklet about a resource center for the Burlington community.

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1954 Oct. 17

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)

40 years for peace

Lincoln (Nebr.) - Invitation to the fortieth anniversary celebration of the Fellowship held by the branch in Lincoln, Nebr.

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1960 Mar. 31

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.), Committee on Organization

Report for F.O.R. Committee on Organization

Report on the current state and operations of the Fellowship.

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1957 Jan. 6

Robson, Reginald Arthur Henry, 1921-

Letter from Reginald A. H. Robson and Monica Robson to Caleb Foote

Chicago (Ill.) - Retrospect on his case as a pacifist interested in US citizenship. Lost his Messianic zeal ten or twelve years ago and does not wish to convert anyone: "All I want to do is to become a citizen without having to lie in my teeth." Believes Nebraska may be the best place to apply for citizenship. Job prospects.

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1946 May 16

Nearing, Scott, 1883-1983

Letter from Scott Nearing to Caleb Foote

Jamaica (Vt.) - "I am glad to note from your letter that you recognize the dangers inherent in talking and writing for a living. They are insidious and destructive." Advises that if he wishes to settle in the Bay Area eventually, he should not come to New England because of the difference in climate and the adjustments needed. They live seven miles from the nearest town and during winter c... more

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1947 Sept. 14

Freeman, Russ (Quaker)

Letter from Russ Freeman to Caleb Foote

Eugene (Ore.) - Has enjoyed the past year and is beginning to gain competence in carpentry. Doubts that full time manual labor combined with a family can coexist with "time or energy for intellectual pursuits," but he finds "Carpentry seems to be a relatively satisfactory means at this time, as it allows a certain independence and freedom of movement outside working hours..."

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1955 Apr. 17

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)

Central Nebraska Fellowship of Reconciliation Spring Conference

Lincoln (Nebr.) - Program for conference held by FOR branch in Lincoln, Nebr.

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