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1971 Jan.

Massachusetts. General Court. House of Representatives

House no. 2306

Massachusetts - The sections for "an act providing dining and social services for elderly and handicapped persons."

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1966 Aug. 24

Stevens, Chandler H.

Letter from Chandler H. Stevens to Elmer C. Bartels and Mary T. Bartels

Boston (Mass.) - Stevens would like to see any future Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics newsletters that concern legislation. He has been asked to file a bill similar to H-3692 and is contemplating drafting a general bill applying to people who might have incorrectly paid excise taxes.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers


Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics

Priority bills

Bedford (Mass.) - Contains a list of petitions related to people with disabilities in the areas of education, natural resources, public safety, public service, social welfare, taxation, and transportation. Many of the petitions include a date beside them and some are marked as being a priority or of interest to the Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1969 Jan. 27

Bartels, Mary T.

Letter from Mary T. Bartels to Edward M. Kennedy

Bedford (Mass.) - Concerning Kennedy's intention to introduce legislation "proposing tax incentives to industry and to provide housing and employment for the poor and the expansion of health care for the needy." Bartels asks that consideration in these areas include the civilian people with disabilities as opposed to only veterans, who are entitled to care where the civilian person with a disability is not.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1971 Jan. 13

Remmes, Harold S.

Memo to all Massachusetts Council of Organizations of the Handicapped directors

Massachusetts - Concerning the MCOH's endorsement of Representative Mary Newman.

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1970 Nov. 9

Boston (Mass.). City Council

An ordinance establishing in the city of Boston a commission on the physically handicapped

Boston (Mass.) - Announcing the establishment of a Commission on the Physically Handicapped, including the legal text amended by the insertion of Chapter 18B into the Revised Ordinances of 1961.

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1970 June 23

Welsh, Jane

Memorandum from Jane Welsh to members of the ad hoc interdepartmental committee on community housing for the handicapped

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding information on the bill H-5854, Sections 44 through 48 on "Housing for the Elderly and Handicapped" which had been sent out by the United Community Services of Metropolitan Boston and forward to members of the House Ways and Means Committee and Massachusetts Representatives.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1970 June 26

Demone, Harold W.

Letter from Harold W. Demone to unidentified correspondent

Boston (Mass.) - Addressed "dear representative"; providing information on H-5854 and Sections 42 through 48 which deal with public housing for people with physical disabilities. A public policy is needed which enables people with disabilities to live and stay active in their own community.

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1972 Nov. 13

National Paraplegia Foundation

National Paraplegia Foundation minutes of the executive committee meeting

Chicago (Ill.) - Contains reports from various committees and staff with mention of plans for a medical and scientific seminar at the 1973 NPF convention. Other business include President Nixon vetoing 1972 Vocational Rehabilitation Act and fund raising efforts for the organization.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1972 Aug.

National Paraplegia Foundation

The squeaky wheel vol. 1 no. 8

Chicago (Ill.) - Contains news and information for the National Paraplegia Foundation. News from chapters of NPF across the United States is presented and advertisements from various companies promoting items for people with disabilities. Stories include research on rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries, establishing residential facilities for people with disabilities, and amendments to the Vocational Reh... more

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