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1991 Jan. 30

Brill, Herbert L.

Letter from Herbert L. Brill to Lucy Gwin

Rochester (N.Y.) - Talks about the legal objectives of the proposed law suit against New Medico as set forth by Steve Schwartz and asks for Lucy's input.

Lucy Gwin Papers

1971 Jan. 13

Remmes, Harold S.

Memo to all Massachusetts Council of Organizations of the Handicapped directors

Massachusetts - Concerning the MCOH's endorsement of Representative Mary Newman.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1970 June 23

Welsh, Jane

Memorandum from Jane Welsh to members of the ad hoc interdepartmental committee on community housing for the handicapped

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding information on the bill H-5854, Sections 44 through 48 on "Housing for the Elderly and Handicapped" which had been sent out by the United Community Services of Metropolitan Boston and forward to members of the House Ways and Means Committee and Massachusetts Representatives.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1991 Jan. 28

Schwartz, Steven J.

Letter from Steven J. Schwartz to Herbert Brill

Northampton (Mass.) - Steven sets out a list of potential legal objectives and reform goals for the New Medico suit, including legal rights and quality of care.

Lucy Gwin Papers

1988 May 24

Disability Advocates for Dukakis

Dukakis and disability issues

Letter from Elmer C. Bartels and John Chappell on behalf of Disability Advocates for Dukakis urging that the Dukakis presidential campaign articulate the issues of people with disabilities. Reviewing Dukakis' record of advocacy and discussing the current issues facing the community that demand greater attention from the state. Topics covered include; transportation, accessibility, employment, financia... more

Elmer C. Bartels Papers