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1971 Feb. 23

Rosenfeld, Stephen (Samuel Stephen)

Letter from S. Stephen Rosenfeld to Norman Landstrom

Boston (Mass.) - Discussing the development of a project at the Lawyers' Committee regarding people with phsyical disabilities.

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1971 Jan. 8

Dwight, Donald R.

Letter from Donald Dwight to Harold S. Remmes

Boston (Mass.) - Concerning a reorganization of the state government and the appointment of a new Cabinet Secretary for Human Services. Inviting a representative from the MCOH to join a meeting discussing the selection process.

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1969 May 6

Riel, Donald

Letter from Donald Riel to Elmer C. Bartels

Massachusetts - Discussing Riel's concern that the Worcester Chapter of MAP has fallen out of order and making suggestions of how to remedy the perceived issues. Stressing the importance of a focus on goals and ideals over recreation.

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1970 May 8

Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics

MAP - Worcester membership meeting

Worcester (Mass.) - Describing a meeting of MAP's Worcester chapter. Discussing the activies of various committees on housing, activities, employment and participation in state legislation.

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1970 June 12

Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics

Membership meeting

Worcester (Mass.) - Describing a meeting of MAP's Worcester chapter. Discussing nominations for the Board of Directors, efforts to pass the revised bill PHR 1, rehabilitation conferences, the Easter Seals information and referral project and a representative's plan to visit Wisconsin to learn about a new mini bus service for people with disabilities.

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1971 May 9

Bartels, Elmer C.

Letter from Elmer C. Bartels to John Levis

Somerville (Mass.) - Suggesting an agenda for an upcoming meeting of Massachusetts Council of Organizations for the Handicapped and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

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National Citizens Alliance on Disability Issues, Inc.

1988 candidates survey

Columbus (Ohio) - Blank survey consisting of six questions regarding various legislation related to the status of citizens with disabilities, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Education of the Handicapped Act and the Medicaid Home and Community Quality Assurance act as well as topics such as subdized accessible housing, personal care attendants, and income maintenance programs.

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1990 Sept. 29

Gwin, Lucy

Letter from Lucy Gwin to Mary Lou Breslin

Lucy says that she has filed criminal charges and a personal civil suit against New Medico. In order to stage the class action suit Lucy needs a law firm that will take the case and once again asks Mary Lu Breslin and the DADF for help; if they cannot help, she asks to be referred to a law firm that can.

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1991 Jan. 28

Schwartz, Steven J.

Letter from Steven J. Schwartz to Herbert Brill

Northampton (Mass.) - Steven sets out a list of potential legal objectives and reform goals for the New Medico suit, including legal rights and quality of care.

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Mouth Magazine Voice of the dislabeled nation vol. 17 no. 6 March/April

Topeka (Kan.) - Covering disability rights and advocacy. Assemblage of former issue graphics, cartoons, and comics by and for disabled persons and allies.

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