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1981 Apr. 15

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Letter from Judi Chamberlin to Hope Knútsson

Somerville (Mass.) - Updates on Chamberlin's back problems and a trip to Washinton, D.C. Expressing frustration with society's attitudes towards people with disabilities and Chamberlin's personal struggle acquiring services. Discussing the halfway house at which Knútsson works and goings on in the Danish movement. Relating family details and similarities with Knuttson.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1970 June 27

Remmes, Harold S.

Letter from Harold S. Remmes to Robert H. Marden

Somerville (Mass.) - Discussing the communication gap between rehabilitation professionals and consumers. Suggesting work be done to foster closer working relationships between the professional and the recipient of services.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1973 Mar. 7

Mudd, Merle W.

Letter from Merle W. Mudd to Harold S. Remmes

Somerville (Mass.) - Acknowledging receipt of Remmes' letter and inviting him and Elmer Bartels to attend the Emergency Services conference and make their concerns known during a discussion period.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers

1973 Feb. 8

Remmes, Harold S.

Letter from Harold S. Remmes to Richard A. LaPierre

Somerville (Mass.) - Expressing concern about the ommission of the Massachusetts Council of Organizations of the Handicapped from an upcoming Consumer Involvement seminar at Boston University. Requesting that LaPierre contact Mr. Art Dell Orto to remedy the situation.

Elmer C. Bartels Papers