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1970 Nov. 3

Durot, Marcel C.

Memorandum from Marcel C. Durot to Elmer C. Bartels and David Barrie

Report of a meeting at which it was agreed that a recognized medical group as a sponsor is necessary to "establish a coordinating function for the development of a spinal cord injury system" as based on the study by Graham Sharman and Kenneth Owen. The system needs to be financed by the federal government. The group is looking into working with the Tri-State Medical Program in Boston.

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O'Brien, Thomas C.

Proposal of office for the physically handicapped

Bedford (Mass.) - Describing the purpose, definitions, objectives, and functions, and staffing of an office for people with physical disabilities, with the main goal that the office "act as the chief planning and coordinating group" for facilitating services for people with disabilities.

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1992 Jan. 24

Bartels, Elmer C.

Memorandum from Elmer C. Bartels to interested parties

Boston (Mass.) - Concerning the waiting list for the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission's Vocational Rehabilitation Program. The waiting list is for paid services directly funded by MRC. Bartels explains that MRC is ahead on spending for the financial year and states the additional amount of funds needed to serve clients in their delivery system. Chart with annual statistics and expenditures for the Vocational Re... more

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1992 Jan. 23

Stewart, Lorelee

Letter from Lorelee Stewart to Elmer C. Bartels

Lynn (Mass.) - Stewart asks for assistance with the budget issue the Independent Living Center of the North Shore Inc. will be receiving tot its Vocational Rehabilitation contract. Stewart describes the services that will need to be cut if they lose this money.

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1992 Jan. 13

Winske, John E.

Letter from John E. Winske to Elmer C. Bartels

Boston (Mass.) - Winske requests a waiver of the 10% budget cut for purchase of service contracts because f the uniqueness of the Massachusetts Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities and the type of contract. The major product of the contract is a two-day consumer conference which consumes a large part of the budget.

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1992 Jan. 22

Gilbert, Simone

Letter from Simone Gilbert to Elmer C. Bartels

Brookline (Mass.) - Concerning a 10% budget cut on the contract between the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and the Boston Self Help Center. Gilbert explains that they rely on the contract to help sustain them and the services they offer, referrals from MRC counselors has declined, and the MRC fee for service income has fallen dramatically. Gilbert asks for assistance in this matter.

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1971 Jan. 20

Giraud, Daniel S.

Letter from Daniel S. Giraud to Elmer C. Bartels

Chesterland (Ohio) - Giraud, a paraplegic from California, asks Bartels for information regarding regulations of the Medical Assistance Program and the Aid for the Totally Disabled Program in Massachusetts. He became a paraplegic while "submitting to radical surgery to help correct a deformed spine." He would like an evaluation of his condition to be done by Dr. England at Massachusetts General Hospital, but requires havi... more

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1969 Sept. 9

Bartels, Elmer C.

Letter from Elmer C. Bartels to Harold Russell

Concerning the difficulties people with disabilities in the United States face in obtaining health and life insurance, with available insurance having a prohibitive premium or policies which do not cover difficulties from an existing disability. Bartels believes if the insurance industry took the time to investigate the field, they would see that people with disabilities would not be an undue liabilit... more

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1992 Jan. 8

Bartels, Elmer C.

An open letter to vocational rehabilitation program staff

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding the establishment of a waiting list for funded vocational rehabilitation services through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Bartels says they will continue to serve clients with services which are basic to the rehabilitation process.

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1969 June 17

Massachusetts Council of Organizations of the Handicapped

Massachusetts Council of Organizations of the Handicapped June meeting

Boston (Mass.) - Describing the discussed topics including housing, employment opportunities through TORCH and updates on Medicaid.

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