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1969 July 15

Countee, Thomas H.

Letter from Thomas H. Countee to Robert Harris

Washington (D.C.) - Concerning Mick Countee seeking assistance in obtaining supplementary financial assistance for graduate study. Countee needs financial assistance so that he can have an attendant while living on campus and he intends to find the cheapest housing that accommodate a wheelchair user.

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Rusalem, Herbert

Powerless in a power-sensitive rehabilitation establishment a theory of homebound neglect

Rusalem discusses the lack of rehabilitation services for people with disabilities who are homebound. The Programmatic Research Project has studied the reasons why homebound people with disabilities receive inadequate or non-existent rehabilitation services. The major categories of power in rehabilitation are listed as the power of patrons, advocates, organization, reward, popularity, and visibility i... more

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1970 June 27

Remmes, Harold S.

Letter from Harold S. Remmes to Robert H. Marden

Somerville (Mass.) - Discussing the communication gap between rehabilitation professionals and consumers. Suggesting work be done to foster closer working relationships between the professional and the recipient of services.

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1969 Oct. 25

Mutual aid institute

Massachusetts - Conference schedule, topics for discussion and lists of moderators, participating organizations and discussants.

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1992 Jan. 8

Bartels, Elmer C.

An open letter to vocational rehabilitation program staff

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding the establishment of a waiting list for funded vocational rehabilitation services through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Bartels says they will continue to serve clients with services which are basic to the rehabilitation process.

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1992 May

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Delays in paid services

Massachusetts - Describing a delay in providing some services in the MRC Vocational Rehabilitation Program due to the limits of the federal-state budget. The document describes who will and will not be affected by a waiting list for services.

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1992 Jan. 8

McManus, Warren L.

Letter from Warren L. McManus to Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission client

Boston (Mass.) - Informing MRC clients and applicants that federal and state funds have not kept up with the MRC needs for employment services and thus they cannot provide services that require MRC funding to all clients who need them. McManus briefly discusses the waiting list and who will and will not be affected by the waiting list.

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Mouth magazine voice of the dis-labeled nation vol. 13 no. 6 March/April

Topeka (Kan.) - Concerning disability rights, the main topic covered in this issue is "the burden of authority." Includes articles, comics and other resources for people with disabilities.

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1972 July 7

Ryan, Edith M.

Letter from Edith M. Ryan to Douglas Travers

Massachusetts - Regarding a fair hearing held at the Middlesex Hospital regarding Travers's appeal for eligibility for Disability Assistance. The appeal was approved; if Travers does not receive the approved assistance with thirty days of the notice, he is to write to the Supervisor of Appeals.

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Rehabilitation Council United Community Services

Chart of continuum of rehabilitation services in terms of physical function

Draft of a chart with services required for rehabilitation services. This is considered in terms of the optimum function of the individual, change or maintain the condition, and levels of function. Numbers are assigned to the continuum with explanations in each level, and definitions and explanations on the far right of the page.

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