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1971 Sept. 14

Williams, Roosevelt

A client's evaluation of Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission services

Cambridge (Mass.) - Williams discusses his feelings on MRC which he feels thinks that any job is all right for a person with a disability and that so long as they are working and off state assistance they are rehabilitated. He thinks MRC has difficulty especially educating and training people with severe physical disabilities and more specifically people in wheelchairs. Williams talks about how MRC seems to have no inter... more

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1975 Mar.

Massachusetts Association of Paraplegics, Inc.

A resource guide for the disabled of Massachusetts

Massachusetts - Providing information concerning services available for people with disabilities in Massachusetts and especially the services available to people who have a spinal cord injury. The booklet is divided into three topics: services, equipment, and published material. Each topic is further divided into several sections. Services include information on architectural barriers, housing, drivers with disabilit... more

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1992 Jan. 8

Bartels, Elmer C.

An open letter to vocational rehabilitation program staff

Boston (Mass.) - Regarding the establishment of a waiting list for funded vocational rehabilitation services through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Bartels says they will continue to serve clients with services which are basic to the rehabilitation process.

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1972 July 7

Appeal decision in the case of Douglas Travers

Massachusetts - Approving Travers's eligibility for Disability Assistance. Describes the reason for the decision and who was present at the fair hearing. Travers is a paraplegic and returned to the Massachusetts Hospital School for a post graduate course when he was denied Disability Assistance.

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Keppler, Victor, 1904-1987

Arthur Fossa

New York (N.Y.) - A woman seated at a desk, left, speaks to Arthur Fossa who is seated in a wheelchair.

International Center for the Disabled Records


Boston Center for Independent Living

Boston center for independent living Statement of purpose

Boston (Mass.) - Concerning the purpose of the Boston Center for Independent Living, which is to promote individuals with severe physical disabilities, provide an encouraging living environment, and facilitate a number of goals for its residents.

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Rehabilitation Council United Community Services

Chart of continuum of rehabilitation services in terms of physical function

Draft of a chart with services required for rehabilitation services. This is considered in terms of the optimum function of the individual, change or maintain the condition, and levels of function. Numbers are assigned to the continuum with explanations in each level, and definitions and explanations on the far right of the page.

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Collins witness at handicap hearing today

Boston (Mass.) - Describing a day-long hearing on people with disabilities at city hall in Boston during which various city department heads are expected to "come up with improvements," regarding employment and education.

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1972 Feb. 2

Remmes, Harold S.

Comments of Harold S. Remmes, president, Massachusetts council of organizations of the handicapped, inc., for R&T centers conference

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Discussing the emergence of grassroots consumer led organizations for people with disabilities and the development of a coalition of these groups working collaboratively in Massachusetts (MCOH). Describing consumer participation in government and on commissions and boards as well as the road blocks barring serious progress. Urging Rehabilitation Research & Training Programs to seriously consider the s... more

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1969 Dec. 8

National Paraplegia Foundation

Commitment and service of the National Paraplegia Foundation

Chicago (Ill.) - The National Paraplegia Foundation is establishing an endowment to provide an award for recognizing scientists researching a cure for paraplegia, developing programs directed at improved care and rehabilitation for victims of spinal cord injury, and meets with chapters and affiliates to provide members with ideas, encouragement, and guidance regarding accommodation for wheelchair living. Discusses the... more

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