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1941 Mar.

Whipple, Charles L.

Photograph of Don Sullivan leaning back in a chair, reading

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Nearly full-length image of a relaxed Sullivan, wearing a fedora, and seated in what appears to be a news room.

Charles L. Whipple Papers

1941 Jan. 2

Biddison, John J.

Letter from John J. Biddison to Charles L. Whipple

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Does not believe Whipple is a red, nor Donal Sullivan: "Who ever heard of a red with the name of Sullivan, or for that matter of a red in Boston, where they speak to God either through the priest or directly, after the Cabot order?"

Charles L. Whipple Papers


Committee for a United Guild

Three Guildsmen from Detroit tell why they will vote for Sullivan

New York (N.Y.) - Support for candidacy of Donal Sullivan as ANG president.

Charles L. Whipple Papers